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How Does the Source Work?

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How Does the Source Work?
« on: January 04, 2014, 01:55:20 AM »

Don Boyer

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Welcome, one and all, to The Source - Card Collecting 101.

You'll notice something a bit different about this board - unlike all the other boards here, you can't create new topics!  This was done intentionally, and you'll see why in a moment.

Every now and then, a REALLY good post pops up on the other boards, something that gets to the core of a particular subject and covers pretty much all the bases (or as close to it as we can get).  We're talking about "reference-quality" topics, the kind you want to be able to refer back to over and over, as useful as a dictionary to an English major or a flute to a flautist.  Information-wise, it's a topic that's the best of the best.

When we find a topic that's THAT good, we move it here.  In time, this board will become the one-stop resource for all the vital information dealing with card collecting - dating a deck, identifying a brand without a box, tracking a company's history, how to properly store your collection in a variety of climates, etc.; anything that's absolutely core material, whether you collect antique, vintage or modern cards.  If "Card Collecting 101" was a real university course, this would be the textbook Professors Asher and Dawson would make you buy!

We are open to accepting suggestions for topics that belong here in the Source.  Please reply to this message with your nominations - include the URL, please.  Also, please remember when replying to other Source topics, that we demand a high standard of post quality for this board - we ask that you keep the tangents and humorous commentary to a bare minimum.

Since new topics are listed chronologically based on when they were posted to last, we'll be creating a table of contents right here once there's enough topics here to organize.  So if you're researching a specific subject, check here first for where to find the relevant topics.
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