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Deck Reviews! / Video Review: CHICKEN playing cards from Susan Krupp
« Last post by Magic_Orthodoxy on January 13, 2018, 11:01:34 AM »
Video review


This chicken themed deck is ideal for your favorite game of cards, to perform magic tricks, as a colorful cardistry deck or as a unique piece for your card collection. This deck will never be reprinted and is the 1st deck designed by Susan Krupp.
These cards will also make excellent gifts for your favorite chicken lover or for those born in the year of the rooster. 

About the Deck: 

Printed by USPCC in the USA
100% Custom Art
Limited Edition of 1,000
2-Way Deck Design
Design by Canadian Artist Susan Krupp
52 Standard Size Poker Playing Cards
2 Unique Jokers with Reveals
2 Gaff Cards (Double Back & Face)
Classic Card Stock
Embossed Finish
Matching Front & Back Wide Borders
Standard USPCC Black Tuck Seal
2017 Release

Gets yours:
The Conversation Parlor / Re: Question: Dan and Dave old decks
« Last post by Don Boyer on January 13, 2018, 02:38:26 AM »

I think Aces Fulton's Casino Sunset Orange came earlier than Fulton's Chinatown, but are they "rare"? Which one would buy (for almost the original price)?

Thank you!

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The entire Ace Fulton's Casino series of cards came out AFTER Fulton's Chinatown.  At least, after the original red/orange Fulton's Chinatown.  There was also a yellow/black "Game of Death" version, which was later redesigned as a Bruce Lee commemorative deck - that may have been after the Ace Fulton series.

They're all rare to some degree.  They're all sold out from the original seller - sort of.  While "Dan and Dave" no longer have them, the Art of Play, which is owned by Dan and Dave Buck, has some Fulton's Clip Joint (the original and in my opinion best liked) and some Fulton's October (least liked by a wide margin).

D&D had a hard time selling out the Chinatown decks, as far as I can tell.  It was in stock longer than most of their other decks up to that point.  Of the two, I'd say that among collectors that the Ace Fulton's Casino series was the more popular of the two.

If I recall, there was, in this order:
1) an orange deck and a brown deck with an embossed finish,
2) a more-rare "Midnight Fuel" edition in black, also embossed, and
3) a red and a blue with a smooth finish.

The red and blue were less popular - smooth finishes in general can be less popular due to the differences in handling and feel and by the time they came out (which was after the other three colors did), people were experiencing a little "Fulton's Overkill" on the whole series.

There are also stripped versions of some of the Ace Fulton's decks - I think just the orange and brown.  If the deck seal is a long sticker printed with the image of a stripper dancing on a pole, it's the stripped version, which sold for a significant premium at retail.

The only ones I'd see selling for a significant premium over retail would probably be the Midnight Fuel and the stripper decks.  But collectors don't always buy stripper decks - some get only "straight" decks, not gimmicked decks.  The original Chinatown decks were thought of by many as not even worth original retail - they sell for a small premium above it when you can find them.  The entire Fulton series was nowhere near as popular as the original Smoke and Mirrors decks.
Magical Cardistry Bonanza / Magic Review: Snitch by Peter Eggink
« Last post by Magic_Orthodoxy on January 12, 2018, 02:15:34 PM »
Title: Snitch
Creator: Peter Eggink
Publisher: Magic from Holland
MSRP: $ 35
Skill Level: all
DVD Run time: 37:51

Type of effect:  Card to Wallet / Envelope

Manufacturer's Write Up:
SNITCH is a super-fast, no-palming Signed Card to Envelope effect!

Perfect for the beginner, a worker for the pro.

Effect: A card is freely selected and signed by the spectator. All the cards are placed back in the box, and the spectator causes her signed card to completely vanish from the pack.

From your pocket, you produce a small, SEALED envelope that was mailed to you. When the envelope is opened, the spectator's signed card is found INSIDE!

Peter Eggink's SNITCH is a beautiful, powerful Signed Card to Envelope for the real worker and yet perfect for a beginner.

Comes complete with custom-made SNITCH gimmick, special printed Tyvek envelope, and online instructions. Performance tips and bonus handling are also included!

Remember, SNITCH is:
EASY to do
NO Palming
NO force or duplicates are used
Resets in seconds
Perfect as a standalone effect or ending for any ACR-type (Ambitious Card Routine) effect

​My video review: ​
A Cellar of Fine Vintages / Re: Help Identifying Older Playing Cards
« Last post by 52CardPickup on January 12, 2018, 11:53:06 AM »
Heya! Thanks for the info. Its not so much of a gift for a serious collector. I'm got it for a good friend and past Prof. of Game Design. He is just a fan of gaming and analog game paraphernalia.
This is just like getting him a vintage set of dice or anything like that.
A Cellar of Fine Vintages / Re: Help Identifying Older Playing Cards
« Last post by 4jacks on January 12, 2018, 08:03:26 AM »
Hey 52CardPickup,   You may get more exposure by creating a new thread, but I can pretty much sum up the decks you have there.  That would be a advertisement deck from the 50's or 60's.  Brown & Bigelow was a pretty big playing card manufacturer, most famous for thier Hoyle brand.  They were purchased by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC) in 2001. USPCC of course is most famous for their Bicycle Brand.

Advertisement decks from that time period, as a whole don't carry too much value.  It depends on the condition and what the advertisement is for of course.  If it's an advertisement for something that is also collectible, it helps.  Such as Coca-cola decks, or Harley Davidson decks.  People who collect Coca-Cola or HD, would also be interested.  But the audience for a Life Insurance Company is going to be very limited.  You will see similar decks for $10-$15 in antique shops all the time.
A Cellar of Fine Vintages / Re: Help Identifying Older Playing Cards
« Last post by 52CardPickup on January 12, 2018, 01:48:05 AM »
Hello! I picked up some old looking cards for a good friend of mine and I was hoping I could get some help dating them.  I'm afraid they aren't as impressive as others but any assistance would be much appreciated.
The Conversation Parlor / Question: Dan and Dave old decks
« Last post by PlayingCardsPhotographer on January 10, 2018, 08:27:25 PM »

I think Aces Fulton's Casino Sunset Orange came earlier than Fulton's Chinatown, but are they "rare"? Which one would buy (for almost the original price)?

Thank you!

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Magical Cardistry Bonanza / Magic Review: Quidnunc Plus by Paul Gordon
« Last post by Magic_Orthodoxy on January 10, 2018, 05:56:58 PM »
Title: Quidnunc Plus
Creator: Paul Gordon
Publisher: Alakazam
MSRP: $ 30
Skill Level: Intermediate
DVD Run time: roughly 3 hours

Type of effect:  Card Magic DVDs

Manufacturer's Write Up:
Quidnunc Plus! 2-DVD set will have you performing card miracles like you've never seen!

It is beautifully produced. 22 killer routines taken from Paul's bestselling book, Quidnunc. Watch Paul entertain and fool a bunch of magicians and then thoroughly teach everything! Items include the blockbuster Worker Supreme, The Ultimate Transposition and Ace In The Hole.

The skill level of these gems ranges from self-working (easy) to semi-advanced. And, there is an amazing variety of tricks to suit all types of performances. There are strollers, table tricks, packet tricks, cabaret tricks, unusual tricks... and all are strong tricks. Quidnunc Plus! was filmed in front of an enthusiastic magician audience and includes a very insightful Q&A session hosted by Dave Loosley.
Video review:
Title: Invisible Triumph
Creator: Jim Krenz
Publisher: Vanishing Inc.
MSRP: $ 30
Skill Level: All
Video download Run time: 16 min

Type of effect:  Triumph Effect

Manufacturer's Write Up: What Jim Krenz has created is not only a Triumph effect, but a Triumph of method. Its ingenuity and craftiness will astound not only spectators, but you as well when you see it in action.

You will see cards intentionally and fairly mixed face up and face down. The spectator can square the mixed cards. Yet, as you suspect, the deck rights itself to all face down save for one selected card. The amazing thing is that it really looks that clean! In fact, you'll be able to perform this right out of the box without sleight of hand!

Even better, Jim teaches two incredible handlings: one with a selected card and one with a thought-of card. Yes, we said "thought-of card."

It's pure, it's simple, it's elegantly magical, and it's time to elevate your routine to a Triumph and get your copy of Invisible Triumph today!

online review: ​
Title: Neo Mix
Creator: Jim Krenz
Publisher: Vanishing Inc
MSRP: $ 20
Skill Level: All
DVD Run time: 17:04

Type of effect: Oil and Water Kicker Ending

Manufacturer's Write Up:

Jim Krenz won the coveted Fechter's MVP award the year he debuted NeoMix. For those who don't know, this means that Jim (and NeoMix) were voted the MVP by 300 of the top sleight-of-hand artists in the world. So, what is NeoMix?

NeoMix is a three-phase Oil and Water unlike any you have ever seen before. The first two phases are astonishing and clean (and, happily, moveless!). But it's the third phase that will knock your audiences for a loop. After demonstrating how red and black cards separate by magic, you shake the packet of cards between your hands and reveal that ALL THE PIPS HAVE NOW MIXED ACROSS THE CARDS! You create, through magic, a packet of misprinted, bizarre, and visually arresting "impossible" cards that your spectators will never forget.

This is one of those tricks that can't be done justice through description. Do yourself a favor and watch the trailer to the end... it fooled some of the top magicians in the world. Did it fool you?

Review link:
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