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Playing Card Plethora / Re: ABC Deck - David Blaine
« Last post by Justin O. on January 16, 2017, 04:16:50 PM »
just curious: does this ABC deck marked like other lions series? especially Black Lions Series

No markng on the ABC deck as far as I know. It is not a part of the Lions series.
Playing Card Plethora / Amethyst Playing Cards. Coming this spring in KS. #hype
« Last post by amethystcards on January 16, 2017, 12:07:31 PM »
Nowadays, a lot of decks are created and some of them are without any sense.
With these beautifully crafted deck, we wanted to express something that is really difficult to do in a simple rectangle shape. We wanted to create something simple but complex at the same time. This designs shows perfectly the simplicity transformed instantly to complexity. Maybe you want to call it abstract art?

From the mind of @artofcard and designed by @marcsabatvila, we're really proud to announce this awesome playing cards, in collaboration with @cardistworld:

@amethystdeck on INSTAGRAM

It's coming this 2017 and we don't want you to miss this amazing deck so follow us now, and stay tuned!  ::)

More info coming soon!
Design & Development / Shogun Playing Cards
« Last post by Nurul on January 16, 2017, 06:43:13 AM »
Hey guys. It's been a while since I've posted anything worthwhile on the forums. Haven't been very active due to various life obstacles that I was overcoming.
Anyway, all that's settled now and I can move on to something that's near and dear to me.
For those that know me, I am a huge fan of Japanese culture and of course I've always wanted to jump on the playing card design bandwagon. I've been pondering about this idea for a good few months, and I'm slowly starting to work on a Japanese themed deck based loosely on the Tokugawa Shogunates and the Japanese Edo Era. I'm working along side my cousin and we are doing an all hand drawn deck of cards. Here's one of the aces we drew. (I've had to resize and crop as it doesn't allow anything over 1mb)
Hopefully, I can go ahead and create something that would appeal to all. Keep in mind, this is a rough sketch.
Any ideas of what you'd like to see, please throw them my way.
Playing Card Plethora / Tallly Ho Fan Back's Have Been DISCONTINUED?!?!
« Last post by MrSlaybury on January 16, 2017, 04:26:59 AM »
Well, on the Tally Ho product information page over at Bicycle's site there are a couple comments.  One from a customer asking if the Fan Back has been discontinued and another from Bicycle CONFIRMING that they have been discontinued and adding there should still be some available.

I called USPC and asked them about it, was put on hold, then told the Fan Back "has no discontinuation date at this time".

I know I mean nothing to USPC and they don't have to tell me jack squat, but if it was posted on the comment page and then I was told otherwise, isn't it safe to assume they are not discontinued?  The comment was posted in March 2016, so hopefully they've changed plans!

Any information from anyone?
Introduce Yourself / Hi guys
« Last post by sophoi on January 15, 2017, 09:53:47 PM »
I am a new guy in forum. I just started to collect playing cards last year, hope I can design and release my own decks in the future!
Design & Development / Re: Feedback on custom deck
« Last post by Helshawk on January 15, 2017, 09:33:50 PM »
Most certainly heading in the right direction. Love the pipped cards.  As for the face cards, with the few we've seen here, I would try to play with the line of symmetry.  Personally, I would try to make one flow into the other, such as your Jack card.  Although you can pick out the line, it feels as if the design of the upper half extends below that line. And with the fantastic work on the pips, it seems only natural that mirrored images would snake and twine into each other.  I hope that makes sense.
Design & Development / Re: What white do standard bicycle playing cards use?
« Last post by Helshawk on January 15, 2017, 09:22:48 PM »
There are plenty of tutorials if you plug in symmetrical or radial symmetrical design into a search engine.  That way the design will be your own and you won't have to rely upon the work of another, which more than likely will cost you.
Design & Development / Re: Feedback on custom deck
« Last post by Fess on January 15, 2017, 08:21:52 PM »
Redesigned indices look light years better in terms of functionality. I also like the tails/tentacles you've added in the design. The number cards without the ghosting have a crisp feel that would very likely cause a more positive response than the ghosted number cards would. The full bleed ghosting is light enough that it shouldn't cause an issue with cheatability in the deck, so that's nice. From the 10, Q and K the font you are using for the indices is also nice and clear. I think you are absolutely heading in the right direction these changes have made it a playable deck.
Design & Development / Re: Feedback on custom deck
« Last post by DanFeldmeier on January 15, 2017, 07:15:21 PM »
I've updated the pips and adjusted their location on the card to reduce covering the images. I've also faded out the image on the numbered cards to make them less distracting.  I have also created a version without the background image.

Queen of Clubs

10s without ghosted image

10s with ghosted image

King of Spades - it appears there's a minor bit of overlap on the wing of the King of Spades, is this something that can be problematic or is it minimal enough that it wouldn't effect functionality of the cards?
Playing Card Plethora / Re: My Ideal Aviator Box Design
« Last post by EndZoneLayer on January 15, 2017, 07:11:32 PM »
Actually, I think I have a theory as to why I'm suddenly seeing more brands at grocery stores as of late: because they're selling wine now. Typically, it was fairly common to find Bicycle decks in a grocery store usually at the check-out lines, or dangling from a shelf down whatever aisle had chips and/or liter bottles of soft drinks - but now that stores are allowed to sell wine, there's usually an end-cap display case full of USPC brands of cards (and occasionally, so others as well) at the wine aisle, I've come to notice.

Now, to answer your question specifically, here's what I can give you as far as a break-down of the brands:
* Bicycle - They're everywhere. Number one product, so it makes sense. Now, while I usually just see Standard Size/Face in most stores, one regional chain down here called Food City carries additional decks, such as Jumbo Index, Pinochle decks, and Bridge-sized decks. I'll also occasionally see a special deck, such as a pink breast cancer deck. Walmart almost always has the Shark decks
* Bee - Surprisingly, for this to be USPC's other top brand, I only see these at Food City (it's where I got mine), I never see them anywhere else. I also see them in Jumbo Index.
* Hoyle - I used to see these almost exclusively at book stores like Books-A-Million and Barnes & Noble, but another one of our regional chains, Kroger (despite being headquartered in Ohio, is a mostly southern chain) has been carrying the traditional Shellback decks - usually in a two-pack of red and blue (as Bicycle often comes in), but as of late, Kroger has also been carrying plastic Hoyles as well, including the clear ones. Interestingly, one time, I saw a Jumbo Index Hoyle deck at Hobby Lobby, of all places.
* Aviator - Like Hoyle, I used to generally only see these at the book stores, but as of this summer, I began noticing them alongside Bicycle and Bee at most Food City locations; now, they're also popping up at Kroger alongside Bicycle and Hoyle as well.
* Streamline - Food City's the only place I've seen these, and as I mentioned in another thread, they appear to be (at least the deck I purchased anyway) Canadian decks imported from China . . . how they ended up down here in Tennessee is beyond me. They don't see to sell well though, there's usually very few of them in the case, and they're usually always dirt cheap (like a dollar or so) compared to the usually higher Bicycle or Bee decks. Even Aviator decks are selling for like two dollars. So yeah, I can see what you mean about them being a "discount" deck. Of the few decks that I own, it's perhaps my least favorite.
* Maverick - I can confirm they are down here in the south, but I can also tell you that they're not very common either. The only place I've seen them in any kind of regularity is Big Lots, usually in their own miniature cardboard case hanging at the end of a toy aisle). I think I may have also seen them in a Family Dollar at one point, but I can't say for sure, I rarely, if ever, shop at any dollar store other than Dollar General, where they at least have brand-name products. I don't own a Maverick deck, but I have noticed the consensus among most enthusiasts out there is that it was an okay/decent deck until USPC moved to Erlanger, and they've apparently gone straight downhill since. Guess I'm not missing anything.
* Tally Ho - I can also confirm this must be a regional deck, because I've never seen a Tally Ho deck first hand in any store anywhere. I generally hear good things about the deck, though.
* KEM - Never see them.
* As for those novelty decks that you mentioned (Coca-Cola, America, The Dog, etc.) Yup. All at Kroger.
* Congress I've actually never heard of before.  :o But, based on the information you've given, I guess I could see why (same with KEM).

I should also mention that Food City, in addition to carrying the certain aforementioned deck brands, also carry Bicycle accessories, such as dice, and plastic poker chips.

Interestingly enough, I've noticed that Cartamundi brands are starting to branch out beyond the dollar store chains. Both their Classic and standard Ace brands are being sold alongside the USPC brands at Kroger now, which is really odd - the Classics are sold individually, but the Ace decks are sold in a pack that comes with both red and blue, as well as dice. As I said previously, Classic had pretty much disappeared from dollar stores in favor of standard Ace for a while, but both are being sold again; dollar stores also have Limited Edition Ace decks, but not like the ones we discussed in another thread - dollar store Limited Edition Aces are usually either purple or green. Eagle seems to be exclusive to another regional chain called Ingle's - and likewise, they too are sold ironically alongside Bicycle at check-out. Then again, I haven't shopped at an Ingle's location in a long time (they're not as progressive as other grocery store chains that have long since adopted the whole "super center" layout, but that's not necessarily a bad thing), so I don't know if they've started carrying other brands - if I ever find myself at an Ingle's, I may check for curiosity sake.

So, in short - as far as USPC brands go, Bicycle (and its novelties), Bee, and Streamline remain common; Hoyle and Aviator are becoming more widespread; Maverick is dwindling; the others are virtually nonexistent in these parts. Meanwhile, Cartamundi brands like Classic and Ace are also becoming more widespread.

Can anyone tell me which grocery stores in Southern California sell decks like Hoyle, Aviator, etc... ?  I've heard from some people that Ralph's (same company as Kroger) sometimes carries them, but the stores I've been to do not it seems.  Their website says they "carry" hoyles and bikes but each store keeps different stock.  If anyone knows a specific location, would be much appreciated.

Also, I have noticed some 7-11 stores carry Aviators and sell them for $3.49-3.99
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