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Item:  Tally Ho Circle Back - Black
Minimum Offer: It looks like the original retail was $7, so I guess that's the minimum I'd pay.
Quantity: Depending on the price, I would take anything from 1-6 decks.
Country: USA

Hi!  I'm trying to find the Black Circle Back deck that, from what I've read, was ordered by Murphy's Magic.  The Fan Back version has a copyright date of 2015 on the box, and has no barcode.  They come with two full size colored jokers, a double backer, and a card with poker hands on one side, and the back design on the other.  I'm assuming the Circke Back version has the same ingredients :)

I've found the Fan Back on a bunch of sites, and it instantly became my favorite handling deck.  I've never tried to buy or sell anything through a forum before, but I buy and sell on eBay here and there.  I'd really appreciate any info anyone has on where to find these ellusive Circle Backs.  Thanks!
Playing Card Plethora / Re: On The Hunt: Black Circle Backs
« Last post by MrSlaybury on Yesterday at 02:37:35 AM »
Gosh, I'm so sorry.  Before I made the post I looked for a "wanted" area on the site but didn't find it.  I didn't take enough time, and just now saw the proper area.  I didn't see a way to delete this post.  I'm so sorry!
I know this is an old post, but seeing as my favorite deck is pictured here I figured I would join the discussion :-)
The fan back without the bar code looks to be my favorite deck.  If it is, it has a double backer and a "poker hand" card.  The poker card has the back design on the other side.  The circle back version is the deck I've been trying to find.  I'm jealous lol.  A couple sites that sell the fan back list Murphy's Magic as being the client that had the deck printed.  I sent an email to someone there, but haven't heard back.  I guess I'm not surprised.  After all, I'm just a card geek and not a retailer so why would they take their time for me.  :|
It's interesting that there isn't a bar code!  I've been through 10 decks and  I never noticed until I read this!  I'd love to own the other fan back too.  But being a Cincinatti deck, this picture will probably be the closest I get to one :'-(. Although I do have a couple Blue Seal Circle Backs coming soon :).
Playing Card Plethora / On The Hunt: Black Circle Backs
« Last post by MrSlaybury on Yesterday at 02:15:39 AM »
Hello :-)

I've been trying to find a deck of black Tally Ho Circle Backs for months, and basically I'm out of ideas.  I think (don't quote me) Murphy's Magic had them printed a while ago.  I love the Fan Back version, and see them for sale on a bunch of sites, but the Circle Back version has proven impossible to locate :(

Being my favorite deck, I at least want one deck to leave sealed for my collection.  Has anyone seen these for sale anywhere?  Even if it's a local magic shop, I would be willing to call and beg them for an over-the-phone sale.  Today I started looking at online retailers based in other countries outside the US.  I feel silly asking this community for help with such a simple deck, but I really really want to find them :(. thanks in advance for any info!
FOR SALE: Collector's Set produced by David Blaine. Each set includes one (1) gold foil Gatorback deck personally signed by David Blaine and one (1) promotional ABC deck from David Blaine's personal collection. Both decks were printed by the United States Playing Card Company. These were released in limited numbers by David Blaine.

PRICE & AVAILABILITY: Two (2) sets are currently available at $150 each or $275 for both.

SHIPPING: Free shipping within the United States (or discounted shipping outside of the United States).

For reference, the last three sold listings on eBay for the set were $199.99 (w/ free shipping), $199.67 (w/ free shipping), $200.00 (w/ free shipping). A couple other listings had accepted best offers.

You will be purchasing these decks through Jetsetter Playing Cards, a trusted seller and source of playing cards. These are not listed on the website so reach out if this sale interests you. Thanks!
Deck Reviews! / [TXT] Murphys Signature NOCs
« Last post by philipsw on February 24, 2017, 01:14:12 PM »
I love the sideways tuck cases which seem increasingly prevalent these days.  In many ways this is a classic NOC deck - minimalist design with inherent elegance.  The Murphys branding doesn't get in the way, and I love the stripes inside the case. They were my first set of NOCs to handle - and I was impressed by the weight and smoothness of the Expert Playing Card stock. The Jokers don't really do it for me, but this is a nice deck for collectors or magicians.  As usual I have a more detailed review with more pictures here: - but what does everyone else think about the deck? 
(Here's a pic to get you started)
Deck Reviews! / [TXT] Magicians Anonymous
« Last post by philipsw on February 24, 2017, 01:09:54 PM »
As a magician, the 'masked magician' identity of 'Magicians Anonymous' slightly sticks in my throat.  On the other hand, this deck comes with some extra cards which will come in very handy for a magician.  An understated design which won't set the world on fire, but they handle nicely and come in a good quality tuck.  So a good effort.  We've done a full review with more pictures here: 
I'll try and attach one here to wet your whistle...
Deck Reviews! / Re: DMC Elite Rouge - DMC & Cartamundi
« Last post by philipsw on February 24, 2017, 01:04:55 PM »
I am really impressed by these. They look gorgeous and the marking is brilliant.  Advertising another magician slightly sticks in my throat - but I think I can put up with that :-)
Playing Card Plethora / Re: The Zinfandel Deck - by Eric Mana
« Last post by CJS on February 24, 2017, 06:41:23 AM »
No, sorry - I've to disagree  :o

Since over 2 weeks I'm the more or less proud owner of the Zinfandel and the Indigo Deck.
Since over 2 weeks I'm searching for the solution and the link.
For me it seems, without a good english its not possible to discover the "secrets"

Definitely my english is not good enough - sorry I'm a german guy and not the youngest  8)

Please can someone help me with some hints (via email) to make the decks useful for me.

Sorry for my english - it is's fault

The Source - Card Collecting 101 / Re: Categorizing & Inventorying Your Collection
« Last post by Soochinator on February 24, 2017, 04:36:18 AM »
I built an excel spreadsheet that I use for now. I joined Portfolio52, but I find it too basic for any productive use. Yeah, you can see what you have an how many at a glance, but it doesn't specify open vs sealed, cost, value, date acquired, etc. Too many things it doesn't have to list. I think it's a cool idea and I hope it continues to succeed, but I want more out my collection database/inventory. I want to be able to produce reports based on defined entries as I see fit. That being said, I'm now in the process of learning Access, so I can have a database that satisfies my need for lots of information.

As far as photos go, I don't bother taking my own photos. I download the KS photos or whatever each company provides online and have them all backed up and categorized in Google Drive. I considered taking my own photos, but there are decks that I'm not willing to open, so there would always be some missing.
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