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I've been a fan of collecting old cards since I was a kid. I typically dont buy card decks from Ebay but I saw this one and it really caught my eye. I've tried researching it but I haven't come up with anything. ha it feels very weird to try and research something online and come up with nothing....makes me realize how we've all become pampered with the internet! Seller said the deck was from 1870-1880? It looks and feels similar to cards from that era. But doing more research I actually don't even think these cards are from the U.S and I'm just basing this off the fact that one of the cards says "Gaol" which is how British used to say jail. Also this deck is not in the  Hochman's Encyclopedia.

Just a guess but I'm thinking this is a deck from late 1800's England? Maybe even early 1900's? But honestly I have no clue. It says "copyright" on the cards but there are no dates anywhere.

I was referred to this site in the hopes someone here may have more information about these cards. The deck does have a total of 52 cards but this is all I can upload for now.
Playing Card Plethora / Re: The 2017 Release List
« Last post by PrincessTrouble on Yesterday at 03:18:26 PM »
Sleepers V2 Insomniac by Daniel Madison with Ellusionist
Released in March 2017
Printed by USPC

Deck Reviews! / Review: Erdnase X Madison - Daniel Madison - Ellusionist
« Last post by Magic_Orthodoxy on March 22, 2017, 12:33:45 PM »
video review:

The set includes 2 decks, the expert at the card table revised book and a collectors box. The cards feel good and the videos are what I have come to expect from Ellusionist & Madison. In Erdnase by Madison, Daniel M has created a pure and clean mastery course for anyone who wants a real and honest tutorial in the work of card cheating. The time he spent on technique and theory is abundant and concise.

The cards are simplistic and on crushed stock, typical Madison courts with no bells, frills or extras

Product listing:
Deck Reviews! / Deck Review - Moirai Playing Cards - Stewart West
« Last post by Magic_Orthodoxy on March 22, 2017, 12:23:35 PM »
video review:

Custom playing card deck printed by USPCC on Bicycle playing card stock with an Air Cushion (linen).

The Moirai , also known as the Fates, are white-robed incarnations of destiny. Three sisters who control the mother thread of life of every mortal from birth to death. They direct fate – ensuring the fate assigned to every being by eternal laws takes its course without obstruction.

Take fate into your own hands by getting this beautifully custom designed and illustrated playing card deck.

The tuck case cover depicts the two-headed eagle - symbolic for the powerful empires that shape the world - but still have no control over the fates. The back of the tuck case shows the art that is also the card back - a twisting mass of vines - alive and dead. The case is printed in black and white with a spot varnish. The die-cut seal sticker has the initials of the three sisters - Nona, Morta, & Decima.

The playing cards common back - an illustration of intertwined vines, alive and dead. Each royalty card is a unique illustration showing the control Moirai have over their lives and ultimate death. The Ace of spades is decorated with the double-headed eagle. Every number card includes custom designed suites and pips.

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Deck Reviews! / Deck Review - VHS Playing Cards by Steven Guistolise
« Last post by Magic_Orthodoxy on March 22, 2017, 12:20:40 PM »
video review:

They say trends come and go, well it looks like an old trend is coming out of hiding. Collectable Playing Cards and Classics Playing Cards introduce the VHS Playing Cards! They dug through the attic and dusted these historic fossils off to bring to you! Yes, the cards do slide out of the side like a real VHS tape! Get these retro playing cards for your collection.

The back card is the actual VHS tape in all of its glory. No need to worry, it comes rewound.

The court cards are sketched onto a black grid. They chose the most retro fitted colors that they could think of. These royals pop like the 80s.

The numbered cards are also hand drawn to make it look like scribble. These also lay onto a black grid which expose the numbers and pips.

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video review:

To many magicians and cardists and even some collectors, "Sybil" is synonymous to the famous card flourish that has become the basic foundation to many cardistry techniques today. It was the inspiration to the Oracle Cut created by Erik Mana when the Oracle deck was first launched.

Enhanced flourish back design
New frame design with thinner borders
New custom designed court cards
New Jokers and magic reveals
Embossed and foil stamped tuck boxes
Custom engineered tuck boxes (cigarette box style)
New precision cut card stock
'Master Finish' for better metallic ink shine
Produced by Expert Playing Card Company

Purchase all of your favorite playing cards here:
video review:

Hail Caesar!!! Rich and vibrant Playing Cards with an ANCIENT ROMAN theme. Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, Cleopatra.....

The ROME: Antony and Caesar pair of Decks are printed by Legends Playing Cards Co. and focus on the time periods of the First and Second Triumvirates of Rome's history. The First Triumvirate ended when Julius Caesar defeated Pompey the Great and became Dictator, before his assassination by members of the Senate. The Second Triumvirate ended when Octavian defeated Mark Antony & Cleopatra, and eventually became the first Emperor of Rome (and given the name Augustus).

The ROME Tuck Boxes have Red and Blue textured background images, and are accented with GOLD FOIL designs.

Caesar's Tuck features an imperial Eagle and a customary Roman border design.

Antony's Tuck features a majestic Lion and a border design with hints of Egyptian styling (symbolizing Antony's final years in Egypt, with Cleopatra).

Both Tucks include the Roman banner, Laurel Wreath and SPQR elements on the Back. The Top of Caesar's Tuck has the words "ALEA IACTA EST and VENI VIDI VICI" - Latin for "The die is cast" and "I came, I saw, I conquered". The Top of Antony's Tuck has the words "TARUM ET CLAMA DIMIT CANIBUS QUATIT" - Latin for "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war".

The Back Cards for the Antony and Caesar Decks are truly two of the most unique Back Cards in the world of Playing Cards! The imagery for the Back Cards depict the deaths of Julius Caesar (Red) and Mark Antony (Blue). They are inspired by two public domain paintings and recreated in my personal style ("The Death of Julius Caesar" and "Cleopatra Captured by Roman Soldiers after the Death of Mark Antony").

The Red and Blue center banners are at the inverse angle of the Face Cards' banners. This, and the feature of making all banner edges the same Black CMYK color value (30C, 30M, 30Y, 100K), allows for seamless designs on the edge of a full Deck. These features remove the chance of having any marked Cards from the edges.

Purchase all of your favorite playing cards here:
video review:

Divinus reads Lux mundi Justitia (Justice is the light of the world), which is a motto of Johann Georg I, Elector of Saxony (1585-1656), next to an embossed Fleur De Lis. Divinus face cards all have a delicate frame to represent the limits of self control.

2 limited ed. decks with metallic ink and gold foiled, embossed tucks. Vol. II in the 'Light vs. Darkness' series by Nicolai Aarøe.

Purchase all of your favorite playing cards here:
video link:

2 limited ed. decks with metallic ink and gold foiled, embossed tucks. Vol. II in the 'Light vs. Darkness' series by Nicolai Aarøe.

Obscura reads Felix Culpa below the embossed goat skull, representing Baphomet and the Underworld. Obscura has black faces, in a slightly 'scratched/dirty' look. The Obscura face cards are frameless to illustrate the unrestricted moral codex of the darker side of mind. There are no boundaries to the conscience.

Purchase all of your favorite playing cards here:
Deck Reviews! / Deck Review: Bicycle Nocturnal Playing Cards - CPC
« Last post by Magic_Orthodoxy on March 22, 2017, 12:03:00 PM »
video review:

The Nocturnal Deck will keep you company during those long sleepless nights.

The Nocturnal Deck by Collectable Playing Cards is a crisp feature deck that will stand out in any type of collection. The dark yet vivid colors stand out amid a flurry of radical spikes and cracks. We combined a contrast of dark blues and dark reds against a black and silver card. The colors grow from dark to light creating a stunning fan.

Printed by USPCC
Bicycle Branded
Hand drawn artwork and custom pips
Custom seal
Air-Cushion Finish
The back card features floating spheres that pop off the card. Grey spikes and cracks surround the background and a red wave spirals into the center of the blue abyss.

Purchase all of your favorite playing cards here:
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