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Title: Mind Invasion
Creator: Morgan Strebler
Publisher: Sans Minds
MSRP: $ 20
Skill Level: all
DVD Run time: 13 minutes

Type of effect:

Manufacturer's Write Up: From the mind of Mentalist Morgan Strebler, this is a creation he has developed for himself and, after over a decade, is now ready to share with the world! This is Mind Invasion!

Have someone write or draw anything they want on a piece of paper, whether a symbol or a word. With Mind Invasion, you apparently read their minds by revealing what was written down! A peeking technique like no other! Learn all the techniques necessary and freak out even the toughest, most skeptical audiences!

Some say peeking is the mother of Mentalism. While many peeking techniques have restrictions tied to them, this one has been refined to allow for the most versatile performances possible!

How accurate is the ad copy? No deception
What's in the box?  1 Mind Invasion Instructional DVD

Key points: No restrictions to Lighting, Positioning, or Tearing!
How are the production values: Chiefly it’s 2 or 3 live performances on the street and then it’s Morgan back in the studio, dressed in black against a black backdrop. He’s well mic’d and there are two torso camera and one close up for when you need to see the peek close up.

Is it well taught: Morgan gives you the basic moves and a few extra final thoughts.
Storage? Does it "pack flat?"  All you need is a business card and a sharpie marker
Does it "play big?" Can be combined with any standard mind reading routine or any time you need to glance a piece of written information.
Difficulty / Skill level required:  This is fairly simple with some practice.
How much arts and crafts are involved? You need to be able to fold a business card into fourths.
How practical is this in the real world? (can it really be done?) Yes, it can be done. It relies on a sort of “dodge” but should fly right by most.
Overall score: let's toss out the traditional score of 1-10 and make this something that we all can appreciate and understand.
_____ Very Satisfied
__X___ Somewhat Satisfied
_____ Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied
_____ Somewhat Dissatisfied
_____ Very Dissatisfied
_____ No Opinion
 My thoughts it’s ok. I’ve seen a few peeks and I’d say this is probably the easiest one I have seen and would be great for beginners and those just starting out. This is a perfect “first peek” to learn.

+ Hey do you want to see my full review with even more of my opinions and ideas? Visit this link for my video review:  ​

Title: Chinese Tweezers       
Creator: Mario Lopez
Publisher: Tango Magic
MSRP: $ 50
Skill Level: intermediate to advanced
DVD Run time: 12 minutes

Type of effect:  Classic Chinese tweezers routine

Manufacturer's Write Up: Mario Lopez is one of the recent big surprises of the world of magic. He won the second prize in Micro Magic at the most recent FISM -- his magic is original, simple, different, and fresh.

Imagine poking a pair of tweezers down through the small hole in the center of a Chinese coin, and upon pulling the tweezers back up through the hole, a large Eisenhower Dollar appears on the tip of the tweezers. Amazingly visual!! The effect can be repeated numerous times with the same audience, becoming more magical each time! This looks incredible! There are other ways to make the dollar appear - your imagination is the limit!

Now you can perform this beautiful and incredible magical routine. See what all the excitement is about!

How accurate is the ad copy? No deception.
What's in the box?  The set includes all the necessities: coins, tweezers, and a link with video instructions in both English and Spanish. The link also gives you access to 50 more coin effects

Key points: Chinese Tweezers is one of his creations, the kind of magic that can only come from a brilliant mind.
How are the production values: The entire video is shot very dimly lit. Everything blends together and there are no close up shots, which I would have liked for a coin routine.
Is it well made: Everything is 100% real, but I would have appreciated better quality tweezers at this price point.

Is it well taught: I didn’t think the video was long enough and Mario has a heavy accent.
Storage? Does it "pack flat?"  It all packs in your pocket.
Does it "play big?" It’s a beautiful routine if you can perform it like this FISM winner
Difficulty / Skill level required:  This is sleight-heavy and palming heavy
How much arts and crafts are involved? None
How practical is this in the real world? (can it really be done?) This is best as a table hopping routine.
Overall score: let's toss out the traditional score of 1-10 and make this something that we all can appreciate and understand.
_____ Very Satisfied
_____ Somewhat Satisfied
_____ Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied
__X___ Somewhat Dissatisfied
_____ Very Dissatisfied
_____ No Opinion

 My thoughts: I was really hoping for gimmicks at this price point. I’m not a coin magician, so I don’t think I have the time or skill to sit and learn this routine.

+ Hey do you want to see my full review with even more of my opinions and ideas? Visit this link for my video review:

Creator:  The Other Brothers
MSRP: $ 35
Skill Level: All
DVD Run time: 35 minutes

Type of effect:

Manufacturer's Write Up: In what is destined to become the go-to trick for professionals around the globe, Bare generates screams, gasps, and reactions like no other trick we know. This special, hand-altered Sharpie marker allows you to cause ANY card, initials, number, or simple shape to appear ON A SPECTATOR'S HAND.

They hold out a hand, palm down, and you gently sprinkle salt, pepper, coffee grinds, or sand on their hand. By rubbing their hand gently, their thought-of shape APPEARS on their own hand.

The Bare Sharpie allows you to invisibly write or draw anything on YOUR hand, which you easily and imperceptibly transfer onto their hand. The best part? It has no scent or stickiness, and can be easily wiped away after the performance. This is a hygienic, "neat" version of the "Ashes on Arm" trick -- it doesn't endanger a spectator's clothing or look "dirty."

How accurate is the ad copy? Wonderfully accurate, they really tell you what this effect is – very clearly.
What's in the box?  Gimmick pen and download code

Key points:  The pen lasts for hundreds of performances, and is disguised inside a real Sharpie marker. Includes download link for full video performance and explanation. Easy to perform.
How are the production values: It’s chiefly the other brothers sitting in a living room on a couch talking to a stationary camera.
Is it well made: This is made to look like a real sharpie marker.

Is it well taught: the other brothers are fun teachers and I think they always try to give you as much as you can.
Storage? Does it "pack flat?"  This effect packs the same as a standard sharpie and your “set up” is mostly pre-show work.
Does it "play big?" The ash effect always plays well if done well
Difficulty / Skill level required:  Super easy – no sleights or difficult moves. You will need to practice a bit with different substances for the reveal.
How much arts and crafts are involved? You need to be able to write backwards (in mirror image)
How practical is this in the real world? (can it really be done?) Yes, this is great for strolling and street magic.
Overall score: let's toss out the traditional score of 1-10 and make this something that we all can appreciate and understand.
___X__ Very Satisfied
_____ Somewhat Satisfied
_____ Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied
_____ Somewhat Dissatisfied
_____ Very Dissatisfied
_____ No Opinion

 My thoughts this definitely moves the ashes effect into the 20th century.

+ Hey do you want to see my full review with even more of my opinions and ideas? Visit this link for my video review:  ​

video review:

In all fairness these decks are both "readers" and technically not marked decks per se, since marked decks are more associated with systems and codes that need to be memorized and are much more invisible to the naked eye.

Get yours:

Marked Cards:

Marksman deck:

Deck Reviews! / Foliage Playing Cards by Patrick Kun
« on: June 16, 2017, 10:59:32 PM »

video review:

The Foliage Playing Cards were conceptualized by magician Sam Porter and illustrated by magician and graphic designer Nick Vlow. Every detail was carefully placed with purpose to ensure a high quality, classic design with a fresh, new look.

Get yours here:

Deck Reviews! / Mondrian Playing Cards from Got Magic
« on: June 16, 2017, 10:57:39 PM »
video review:

Mondrian Playing Cards are a modern rendition with direct inspiration taken from Piet Mondrian. Manufactured by The United States Playing Card Company. Printed on crushed Bee® stock, a dream feel for any card handler. The back design features an abstract of primary colors with horizontal and vertical lines. The simple and clean Mondrian design is distinctly recognizable The face cards are enhanced with custom Mondrian blue, yellow and red. The ace of spades is also a work of art. Sharp angles with the Mondrian design inside the spade give it an edgy look while still being elegant.

Buy yours here:

Deck Reviews! / Memento Mori Blue by Murphy's Magic
« on: June 16, 2017, 10:54:29 PM »

video link:

Stemming from the medieval Latin theory and practice of reflection on mortality, it has been a ubiquitous part of human culture for centuries. From the philosophical to the artistic, the fascination, fear and appreciation of death has consistently captivated and cultivated our imagination. Many practitioners of this theory kept with them, artifacts or keepsakes which served as a reminder that the only thing certain in life, was death. Many of these items were often objects (watches, necklaces) in the shape of skulls.

The low-poly design represents a simplistic one. The bare "bones" of 3D creation and graphic art, the first steps of animation can be interpreted as the beginning of 'virtual' life.

Many historians believe that playing cards represented a deeper, esoteric meaning, that each suit was one of the four seasons. Each card within a suit was one of the thirteen phases of the moon. The fifty-two cards in a deck would represent the fifty-two weeks of the year and together, this would represent just one year of your life.

A constant reminder of our fleeting time on earth.

"This deck is my Memento Mori." - Chris Ramsay

Deck Reviews! / Visa playing cards from Alex Pandrea & The Blue Crow
« on: June 16, 2017, 10:52:30 PM »
video review link:

VISA Playing Cards are the creation of Patrick Kun and Alex Pandrea. Enter the world of travel, adventure, and discovery. 3 editions of VISA were printed: Blue/Silver, Red/Gold Edition, and Private Reserve. Simplified standard court cards with metallic ink accents along with custom Ace of Spades and Jokers

Title: Fortuity 
Creator: David Jonathan
Publisher: Alakazam
MSRP: $ 38
Skill Level: All
DVD Run time: 1 hour

Type of effect:  Rainbow deck prediction

Manufacturer's Write Up:

From the creative mind of David Jonathan comes Fortuity. An amazing prediction that looks so clean and fair, it will truly blow your spectators' minds!

David has taken the Duel Match premise to incredible new heights with a complete change of method.

By rolling two dice, your spectator generates a random number. You cleanly count to this number from either end of a rainbow deck and remove their chosen back design.

The deck is now completely spread to show that there really is only one card with this unique back design. The dice are rolled again and once again the cards are counted from either end of the deck to arrive at a random value. The deck is completely spread to show absolutely no duplicates are in play.

In essence, your spectator has created a random playing card from these two free selections. You now ask him to open an envelope that has been sitting in view from the very beginning -- inside is a perfect duplicate of the card that has been created.

Your package comes complete with a very special custom deck, two beautiful dice and full video tutorial. Fortuity is so easy to do; even a beginner could do it with only a few minutes of practice.

How accurate is the ad copy? This is exactly what happens
What's in the box?  Gaffed rainbow deck, 2 dice, prediction envelope and card reveal

Key points:

No Loaded Dice, any numbers can be rolled (or use imaginary Dice)

All the cards can be shown both front and back

Absolutely Zero Sleight of Hand

How are the production values: Chiefly it’s David Loosley in studio, he is seated, mic’d and presenting everything with a stationary camera (a few close ups) It’s a well shot, well edited video
Is it well made: Alakazam gives you the very best products, however your deck will not look like mine, or the one in the video – each deck and tuck case will be unique.

Is it well taught: The trick is fairly simple and the deck works itself, David goes over everything you need to know.
Storage? Does it "pack flat?"  This is a “one hit wonder” so you will need to carry a full deck, envelope and dice for this single effect.
Does it "play big?" Can be played as either mentalism or a card trick or humor, so the sky is the limit for your patter and presentation.
Difficulty / Skill level required:  super easy, anyone can do it.
How much arts and crafts are involved? zero
How practical is this in the real world? (can it really be done?) Yes, this is real world ready.
Overall score: let's toss out the traditional score of 1-10 and make this something that we all can appreciate and understand.
_____ Very Satisfied
__X___ Somewhat Satisfied
_____ Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied
_____ Somewhat Dissatisfied
_____ Very Dissatisfied
_____ No Opinion

 My thoughts: I liked it a lot and I see why a lot of magician's like it, however, it just wasn't "for me" as I already own a few other effects that accomplish the same plot but with different props.

+ Hey do you want to see my full review with even more of my opinions and ideas? Visit this link for my video review:

Magical Cardistry Bonanza / Move Zero v3 by John Bannon
« on: May 27, 2017, 04:05:42 PM »
Move Zero Volume 3 - Video Review:

Move Zero III is a veritable treasure trove of killer routines, none of which require any sleight of hand. Not a single sleight in sight, yet you will be devastating audiences with tricks that appear to show the greatest skill imaginable.

From the insanely clever 'Thirty Second Sense' (whose method is as elegant as it is in explicable) to the stone cold classic 'Origami Prediction', the nine featured routines provide an almost comical level of 'bang for your buck' in terms of ease of performance compared to impact on your audience.

MOVE ZERO VOL #3 - The 32nd Sense * Trickbag - Automatic Placement * Mousetrap * Candy Crush * Trickbag - Prophesy Move * Poker Pairadox * Origami Poker * Trickbag - The Parity Principle * Origami Prediction * Big Bad Add * Trickbag - Vertical Addition * Cross Purposes * Box of Doom * Trickbag - The Einstein Tautology *

And beyond the incredible nine magic tricks featured, Move Zero III will also empower you with five mind-bending techniques that you can employ in other self-working routines. These 'trickbag' lessons are genuinely invaluable - demonstrating just why John Bannon is held in such high regard by his peers. Master these and you'll be able to fool ANYONE.

Reviews for the other two volumes:

Move Zero Volume 1

Move Zero Volume 2

Deck Reviews! / Orbit v3 (purple) by Chris Brown
« on: May 27, 2017, 03:53:15 PM »
video review:

The Orbit Deck first started in 2015 after Chris Brown's first successful Kickstarter campaign with the blue Orbits. In 2016 came the red second edition that was also Kick-started. The third Edition is the first deck that was created without the help of Kickstarter. 7500 were printed on thin, crushed bicycle stock with a traditional cut at the US Playing Card Company.

The Orbit V3 Deck features identical Jokers, a duplicate 8 of Spades, double backer, Arrco pip/face package, and has a secret one-way back design. Chris's style is a harmonious combination of magic and cardistry. These cards were made with both styles of card handling in mind. The thinner stock makes them incredibly easy to spread, spring, shuffle, and fan. The color is a matte purple which doesn't demand immediate attention but subtly beckons interest from the intricate back design and calming color.

The back design was created by Daniel Schneider, as was the custom Ace of Spades, joker, and card box symbols. Each year, Chris releases a compilation video entitled "The Orbit Jam," featuring today's top card artists all performing with the Orbit Deck as one unified team. They all perform for the same sole purpose... for the love of magic and cardistry. This deck has slowly become the bridge between the two communities.

Get yours here:

Deck Reviews! / NYX by Collectible Playing Cards
« on: May 27, 2017, 03:51:24 PM »
video review:

Feel the presence of NYX, The Goddess of Darkness. One of the most feared figures in all of Greek Mythology, she is an exceptional power and beauty. Zeus, himself, was even frightened by her. The Bicycle NYX Playing Cards deck is made by Collectable Playing Cards and Produced by USPCC. Make sure that, with this deck, you are not left in the dark!

The card backs have a hypnotizing kaleidoscope of blue against white borders.
The artist decided to modernize her, as the court cards feature NYX complete with dark metallic armor. She is featured in blood red and night blue -- ready for battle.
The numbered cards and pips feature a rigid and abstract design. It pierces through the white backdrop and really pops!
NYX makes a rare appearance in red and blue on the Joker cards.

Printed by USPCC
Bicycle Branded
Custom Pips
Air-Cushion Finish
Custom Seal
Especially suitable for those eerily-themed effects!

buy yours here:

Deck Reviews! / Revolution Playing Cards by Jason Brumbalow
« on: May 27, 2017, 03:49:53 PM »
video review:

"When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty."
- Thomas Jefferson

With nothing more than simple keystrokes, shadowy individuals have the keys to rattle the very foundations that powers are built upon.

There is a hidden world out there, chaotic and swift, where a universe of information is surreptitiously collected and used as weaponry when the time is right. We rarely catch a glimpse of this world, as it hums along in the underbelly of our society every second. On the surface, we see our lives, our communities, our societies... but under that facade is a torrent of digital information - it has the means to reshape history.

The Revolution of tomorrow will be over before society even knows it has begun. It will be executed without angry mobs of protestors, controversial elections, and biased media coverage. With one keystroke, everything could change. Conceived and art-directed by Jason Brumbalow, and illustrated by Abraham Garcia, Revolution Playing Cards was created as an homage to the defiant.

So, look deeper, what do you see? What if the key were at your fingertips? What if you could start... a Revolution?

buy yours here:

Deck Reviews! / Chameleons Playing Cards by Asi Wind
« on: May 27, 2017, 03:48:06 PM »
video review:

Chameleons is the latest incredible deck series from EPCC. Designed by world-renowned magician Asi Wind and made from Expert's Classic stock, the deck feels familiar yet superior to standard decks. It's engineered to be the ultimate deck for magicians to use to improve performances and is the first release for the new Expert Signature Series playing cards. This series will feature decks designed by the real superstars of magic and cardistry!

Features Include:

- Expert's Classic stock ensures that these decks won't vary from deck to deck.
- The cut is always perfect for faro shuffles (bottom up and tabled).
- The registration is perfect, so they are beautiful, and the borders don't flutter when riffled.
- The deck comes in Mnemonica order, cut to the Ace of spades (on the bottom). Any Mnemonica user is ready to do miracles just by opening a brand new deck in front of a spectator, removing the jokers, and cutting once.

- And the most exciting thing is that these decks all come in tuck cases made of Expert's new exclusive synthetic paper. These amazing tucks are waterproof and will last and last. The worn out tuck box problem plaguing working magicians is now a thing of the past.

Only a small quantity of each color was produced so act now while you can.


Classic - Named Classic because this feels most like what many card handlers are now used to. Softer stock that is easy to handle.

Buy yours here:

Deck Reviews! / The Waltty Deck by Bomb Magic
« on: May 27, 2017, 03:45:40 PM »
video review:

The Waltty Deck was released in June 2016 which designed and manufactured by Waltty form Taiwan. Waltty believe that play and collect playing cards is an important thing in life. Enjoy the fun with it is a unique lifestyle. Waltty implement their own stories and ideas on the playing card design to show the purely PASSION. Furthermore, The Waltty Deck is a NEW CHOICE to the people who like playing cards.

Waltty and The Waltty Deck
Waltty was founded and started a plan for The Waltty Deck at a friend gathering in the end of 2015. A few friends who have been known each other for a long time since a magic party. We were talked about there are lots of creative playing cards on the market, but unfortunately we can’t collect every single one of them. Suddenly, we realized that “We can’t buy every single one of decks, but we can make one ourselves.” We decided to make a special and superior deck for our stories and ideas. Consequently, Waltty was founded and started a plan for The Waltty Deck.

The design style of The Waltty Deck is simple and fresh. Overall, it consists of red color and lines with the different length and thickness. There are many details on The Waltty Deck. The new design of the aces is particularly interesting. They are designed in lines to show the four playing cards suits abstractly. Anyway, when you seeking the goal and meaningful of life, do not forget to bring The Waltty Deck, it’s that simple.

Learn more here:

The next deck in this AWESOME series !!!
Campaign link:

Jetsetter Playing Cards: Premier Edition in Restricted Red

Classically inspired deck of playing cards for the aviation, travel, and playing card enthusiast. Printed by EPCC.

video review

Pantheon are custom poker size playing cards. Inspired by mythology, drawn with a sharp and modern style, printed by EPCC with foil on backs. Pantheon is a limited deck from Thirdway Industries, with a luxurious tuck box and gold foil on card backs. All the court cards are Greek Gods.

Tuck box Features:

Dark matte paper
Double foil outside, Gold and Violet
Red inner foil
Numbered custom seal (1-1777)
Card Features:

2 Metallic inks on faces, bright gold and bright violet
Fully custom: courts, aces, back, box - everything redesigned
Gold foil on the backs
Limited - 1777 / around 1500 available through Kickstarter
NEW - 55 cards (extra joker included)

Purchase all of your favorite decks here:

Video review

The United Cardists 2017 5th Annual Deck of custom playing cards! A deck inspired by Art Deco and Art Nouveau themes.

* The tucks are made of soft touch 300 gsm Black art paper using two foils - Blue and Gold.

* 100% Custom Design

* Limited Edition - one printing, never to be reprinted

* Poker size deck, 54 cards

* Printed by EPCC

* Master Finish

* Gold metallic ink

The blue and gold tones radiate a coolness that fits the design quite well, especially when juxtaposed with the detail of the card back and tucks.

Purchase all of your favorite cards here:

Deck Reviews! / Deck Review: Gemini playing cards from Stockholm 17
« on: May 13, 2017, 08:15:57 AM »
video review

Learn more here:

Gemini Playing Cards is a deck of poker size playing cards completely custom and illustrated. The choice of the name Gemini is based on the peculiarity of the court cards (JQK).
At first glance the figures of each card look perfectly symmetrical, but they are not. The courts are depicted them as twins (Gemini in latin), so you will be spotting differences when you look at the details. The figures on the court cards interact with their own pip, which becomes part of the illustration.

This deck has a classic medieval feeling.

The aces are depicted as axes 

The pips (2 to 10) are big and they take a lot of space using an unconventional index, which is horizontal instead of vertical.

Purchase all of your favorite playing cards here:

Effect trailer:

Title: Marksman Deck
Creator: Luke Jerrmay
Publisher: Vanishing Inc.
MSRP: $ 35
Skill Level: Intermediate
DVD Run time: 45 minutes

Type of effect:  Open Marking System Deck of Cards

Manufacturer's Write Up:

Magicians have used marked decks for centuries to fool even the most astute audiences. Luke Jermay's Marksman Deck builds on classic marking systems, with additional secret marks that open up a whole range of new tricks and possibilities.

How accurate is the ad copy? No deception
What's in the box? 

Includes a specially marked red Bicycle Mandolin deck in Mnemonica stack, 33 page pfd of technical notes and a 45-minute instructional DVD by Luke Jermay.  Your deck has the standard faces, the trademarked Bicycle Ace of Spades, Jokers and the traditional box. The top of the deck DOES say Marksman and ironically the tuck seal covers the “SMAN” and the deck top clearly reads “MARK.”

Your two extra cards (typically advertisement cards) have been offered as “key cards” that tell you how to read the cards and what the markings mean.

Key points:

This is an “open marking system” / in other words “readers” this is not a marked deck of cards (ie no scratch marks, no binary to memorize or flower petals to count)

How are the production values:

A lot of time and care has been put into this project and it’s apparent from the first frame. For the most part, Luke is sitting at a table, facing the camera and he is mic’d. Luke walks you through the “how” of each routine and also includes a studio performance.

Vanishing Inc has also included a full live performance video as well, but that is available on line here:

Together these two videos create a “magical system” that is sure to give you more than just “ideas” but a real working knowledge of this utility.

Is it well made: The deck is made by USPCC and is in the Mandolin back design (809s) Magician Paul Harris directed the development of the 809 Bicycle back with USPCC. Paul worked with three world class artists (including Garrett Thomas) to create a soothing traditional looking back that's instantly trusted as part of the Bicycle family.

Is it well taught?

While the deck can be used for your own marked deck routines, Luke also teaches five of his own semi-automatic tricks: Three Tests of Intuition, Dowsing, Card Peeks Routine
Card Calling, Card Memory

What are the markings like?

Usable for magicians but built particularly for mentalists, the Marksman Deck is jam-packed with information that allows you to do effects never before possible.  There are five (5) markings available to be read when the deck is flipped either way (10 markings in total).

The marks allow you to:
•   Find the current card
•   Find the card above (in Mnemonica stack)
•   Know the position of the card in the stack
•   Know how many cards are above it
•   Know how many red (and therefore also black) are above it
•   Know the combined total of all the card values above it
•   The deck also has a one way back design

Yes, they are visible in plain sight – not hidden at all. For most of us, as magicians, we are trained to see the markings and so right away when you open the package, you will see all of them immediately with no problems. Luke assures you that they will still fly right by your spectators.

Storage? Does it "pack flat?"  Everything you need is residing in this single deck of cards, nothing to add or take away.
Does it "play big?" Remember, Luke isn’t giving you one effect – he is giving you an entire system that will start you off with a myriad of effects – this coupled with your own ideas and card strengths will give you several working routines.
Difficulty / Skill level required:  I only say intermediate skill, not because of the ability to do card sleights, but just in your ability at routining, reading markings in performance and being able to false shuffle.
How much arts and crafts are involved? Nothing to do.
How practical is this in the real world? (can it really be done?) Luke assures you that this can be used on stage or in a close up parlor setting.
Overall score: let's toss out the traditional score of 1-10 and make this something that we all can appreciate and understand.
__X__ Very Satisfied
_____ Somewhat Satisfied
_____ Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied
_____ Somewhat Dissatisfied
_____ Very Dissatisfied
_____ No Opinion

Video review and more notes coming soon, but for now - we can "discuss" and field questions if you have any....

video review:

giving away a deck of Elite cards here:

Bicycle Elite Edition delivers the Rider Back design you know and love in a way you've never felt before. Experience a super-premium feel thanks to ultra-thin luxury stock with elite embossed finish.

These cards are flexible, snappy, and durable. They offer a soft yet supple handling with smooth edges and a traditional cut. The thin stock is reminiscent of the popular cards of decades past and is resistant to developing the dreaded warp or "click" that happens from high humidity. These are cards that feel broken in right out of the box! Bicycle Elite Edition decks are an absolute dream to handle whether you are a magician, gambler, or cardist. The cards are packaged in the iconic classic tuck box.

Bicycle Elite decks are not only the best-feeling deck of Bikes you've ever owned, but also come complete with two identical Jokers, the iconic Bicycle Ace of Spades, and two incredibly useful and versatile gaff cards.

Available individually or by the brick. Priced for the working professional. Get them, use them.

Classic Rider Back Design & Tuck Box

Super-Premium Feel & Handling

Long-Lasting & Flexible Thin-Crush Stock

Duplicate Jokers & Classic Ace of Spades

Traditionally Cut

Double Backer & Blank Facer Gaffs Included

Buy yours here:

Title: Kung Fu Foot
Creator: Héctor Mancha
Publisher: Vanishing Inc.
MSRP: $ 30
Skill Level: Intermediate
DVD Run time: 41 mins

Type of effect:  Find a spectator’s card

Manufacturer's Write Up:
How do you reveal a card onstage? It has to be something dynamic, physical, and memorable. Cue Kung Fu Foot! Created and honed to perfection by FISM Grand Champion Héctor Mancha, this hilarious card revelation allows you to stab a card from midair... with your foot!

Kung Fu Foot works with any pair of socks and pants and minimal one-time preparation. You receive a custom-manufactured gimmick that allows you to "catch" a card between your toes, through your socks. The effect is easy to do and perfect for parlor, platform, and stage performances. You can even do it up close, so long as you have the space to toss a pack of cards into the air.

You also receive a 42-minute online video instruction from Hector Mancha, taking you through each phase of his brilliant "Card to Foot" effect.
How accurate is the ad copy? No deception
What's in the box? Device (rig), force card and download code to the 41 min video

Key points:

Works with any deck of cards
Perform surrounded
Detailed instruction
Ninjas not included.
How are the production values: This is filmed in a white brick garage with an old bike and fireman’s gear in the background. I don’t think Héctor Mancha is wearing a mic, nor is there any background music, so it’s very echoey. I watch a lot of magic instructions from performers with accents, I did find Héctor Mancha very thick and hard to understand at times.
Filmed in a white brick garage with an old bike and a fireman’s gear
Need black socks / uses black art
Force the card
Comes with a card, but you could use any deck with an extra card
Is it well made: Héctor Mancha gives you all of the materials, but in truth it’s a lot of parts you could have acquired on your own. He even gives you a force card, but you will need to use a new card for each performance as the card will be destroyed. No, it’s a duplicate and can not be signed.

Is it well taught: Héctor Mancha does spend a considerable amount of time on the DIY and performance portions.
Storage? Does it "pack flat?"  This is an entire rig that will be “wired” through your entire lower half. It also relies on black art and you will need to wear black socks.  The reset on this is – not fast and will have to be done “back stage.” Also you are left “dirty” at the end of the effect and Héctor Mancha attempts to give you a comical way out.
Does it "play big?" I think it plays “funny.” I don’t know how adapt you’ll be at convincing your audience that you caught the card with your foot.
Difficulty / Skill level required:  Being that this involves a rig that you need to wear PLUS the dirty clean up at the end, I’d say this might not be great for beginners.
How much arts and crafts are involved? Héctor Mancha gives you everything you need, but the rig will require specific items of clothing and some wardrobe adaptation. No, you can’t wear shorts.
How practical is this in the real world? (can it really be done?) In the right situation.
Overall score: let's toss out the traditional score of 1-10 and make this something that we all can appreciate and understand.
_____ Very Satisfied
_____ Somewhat Satisfied
_____ Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied
__X___ Somewhat Dissatisfied
_____ Very Dissatisfied
_____ No Opinion

 My thoughts I really don’t like the clean up at the end of this trick and I don’t really do comedy magic. This would make a great trick to do at parties, especially for kids – they’d love it!

+ Hey do you want to see my full review with even more of my opinions and ideas? Visit this link for my video review:   ​

Creator: Mickael Chatelain
Publisher: Gimmick Magic
MSRP: $ 25
Skill Level: Intermediate
DVD Run time: 9:11

Type of effect:  card trick

Manufacturer's Write Up:

Hand your deck of cards to a spectator, and ask him to exam and shuffle it.
It's a standard deck, all the cards are different.
Take back the cards...

The cards are face down in your hands. Ribbon spread the cards and ask a spectator to touch any card - really, ANY card.
At this point, no one can know the identity of the card as the deck has been shuffled and the cards are all still face down.
Close your eyes or turn your head so that you'll see NOTHING!
Show your spectator the card he just touched and replace it in the deck in its original place, changing nothing, manipulating nothing.
The deck is immediately placed in the center of the table.

Point out that in such conditions, it would seem totally impossible that you could discover the chosen card.
Concentrate for a few seconds before writing the name of the card on a piece of paper.
As you turn over the paper, invite the spectator to name the card that he had simply touched. It's impossible, but you have divined the correct card!

How is this possible with a freely-chosen card from an ordinary deck shuffled by a spectator? You've seen NOTHING, yet you were able to name the chosen card!
Those are questions no one will be able to answer!

With Vision, you'll be able to perform two effects and more - you'll truly amaze your audience!
How accurate is the ad copy? No deception
What's in the box? 
The handmade gimmick, and the download code available in both French and English

Key points:

Use your own ordinary deck.
No marking or other points of reference.
No inks or chemical products.
No force. The spectator really can select or name ANY card!
Instant reset.
Nothing to hide - your hands are empty!
Easy to do.
Many effects possible. The secret is completely invisible.
Machine-made to assure quality. The gimmick will surprise you by its simplicity and its effectiveness!
How are the production values: The entire thing feels as though it was filmed at a noisy diner during Mickael Chatelain’s lunch break. You get a straight on table shot and an over the shoulder table shot.
Is it well made: this is a machine-made gimmick and it is made very well. I would also add that even though it comes in Bicycle, it’s a standard face and could be easily adapted to any deck that uses standard faces – you don’t “need” to see the back design. For fans of magic history, yes, this is a “classic” mentalism tool being used in a new way.

Is it well taught: Mickael Chatelain has a thick accent, but it does not distract from the teaching, the video is only 9 minutes long so there are not a lot of extras outside of the presentation and quick explanation. Mickael would advise a load and a ditch of the gimmick so that the deck can be examined, but it’s not necessary, card looks normal and could pass a “fast” examination.
Storage? Does it "pack flat?"  Same as a “thick card.”
Does it "play big?" Mickael Chatelain offers to effects, finding a spectator’s chosen card, or having a deck shuffled and then identifying each card face down.
Difficulty / Skill level required:  Feels self working, but it will take practice so that it’s not obvious to your spectators as to what you are doing.
How much arts and crafts are involved? None
How practical is this in the real world? (can it really be done?) with practice
Overall score: let's toss out the traditional score of 1-10 and make this something that we all can appreciate and understand.
_____ Very Satisfied
__X___ Somewhat Satisfied
_____ Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied
_____ Somewhat Dissatisfied
_____ Very Dissatisfied
_____ No Opinion
My thoughts I do really like this a lot and apparently so did a lot of Magicians at the 2017 Blackpool convention where this effect SOLD OUT!

+ Hey do you want to see my full review with even more of my opinions and ideas? Visit this link for my video review:  ​

Title: Sublime Self Working Card Tricks   
Creator: John Carey
Publisher: Big Blind Media
MSRP: $ 27
Skill Level: Beginner
DVD Run time: (?)

Type of effect:  DVD of 10 beginner level effects

Manufacturer's Write Up: Renowned card worker John Carey has a stellar reputation for creating practical, powerful card magic. Tricks that play brilliantly, and shock audiences, but are eminently DO-ABLE. Carey is known for employing clever thinking and choreography rather than complex moves and techniques, but on this project he has distilled it down even further and crafted 10 routines that require NO sleight of hand AT ALL!

Often entirely impromptu, these routines are simple in method but staggeringly impactful.

The TEN sleight-free tricks include gems like:

Yes, You CAAN - a brilliant self-working 'Card At Any Number' routine that requires NO DECK! Everything you need will slip into your wallet, and you'll be prepped for a total mindblower anytime/anywhere!

Sync - a thought of card routine that seems utterly impossible - a card 'constructed' by your audience is divined with almost zero procedure. Super clean. Super awesome!

One Hand & One Card - a card is selected, disappears from the deck and then appears in your pocket. ALL WHILE YOU HAVE ONE HAND STUFFED IN YOUR POCKET! Super clean. Ridiculously easy.

Plus seven more stunning examples stuffed with cheeky ruse's and deceptive routining in place of difficult sleights to make you look like a mega-skilled card shark.

Featured routines -

1. Opening Time
2. Think as I Think
3. One Hand & One Card
4. Yes You CAAN!
5. Scattered
6. A la Goldman
7. Dice CAAN
8. Sync
9. Make Believe (a coin effect!)
10. Redford Unplugged

How accurate is the ad copy? Good hype – no deception
What's in the box?  Single DVD with 10 effects, a performance video and an explanation video

Key points: You'll be able to perform all ten routines immediately and really concentrate on engaging with your spectators and creating magical moments.
How are the production values: BBM always makes good videos. Multiple camera angles, simple, easy to follow teaching, everything is well mic’d, well set with beautiful assistants.

Is it well taught: John Carey is a very soft spoken, slow, easy to follow teacher. It’s almost like learning magic from your Sunday School teacher.
Difficulty / Skill level required:  Zero – these effects are even easier than previous “no skill” BBM titles. I was able to “learn” all of these effects without ever watching the explanations. They are THAT easy.
How much arts and crafts are involved? Zero
How practical is this in the real world? (can it really be done?) Very easy
Overall score: let's toss out the traditional score of 1-10 and make this something that we all can appreciate and understand.
_____ Very Satisfied
___X__ Somewhat Satisfied
_____ Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied
_____ Somewhat Dissatisfied
_____ Very Dissatisfied
_____ No Opinion

 My thoughts I love no skill card tricks – you say, “self working” and I dial right in, but even these effects were TOO EASY for my taste. I think these tricks would be great for those just starting out in card magic, and would like some simple card magic beyond the “dover” offerings of yesteryear.

+ Hey do you want to see my full review with even more of my opinions and ideas? Visit this link for my video review:  ​

Deck Reviews! / Deck Review: Liberty Playing Cards
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video review:

Decks of cards perfect for poker nights with a traditional style but a modern touch. Designed by "Jackson Robinson"

Originally a kickstarter release and printed by Expert, this review is for the second release printed by Liberty Playing Cards in Arlington Texas

find all of your favorite cards here:

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