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A Cellar of Fine Vintages / Arrco Club Reno Back No. 102
« on: January 19, 2016, 03:28:42 PM »

I am looking for some insight into what might be back no. 102 of the Arrco Club Reno playing cards. I know that back no. 101 is the filigree back and back no. 103 is the diamond back. However I have not seen back no. 102 yet. I suspect it is either the tahoe or streamline back. Does anyone know something about this?

Introduce Yourself / Hej fra Danmark (Hello from Denmark)
« on: April 11, 2015, 11:47:06 AM »

I am 27 years old, living on Zealand, Denmark. I started serious collecting of playing cards only recently. Before that I have acquired some playing cards for playing or doing hobby magic. In the last few months of serious collecting, I have already spent a considerable amount of time and money buying and trying out all kinds of decks, I found interesting while researching online.

At the moment I am, or have the intend of, collecting vintage casino playing cards (uncancelled decks from casinos with both solid and Bee backs or only solid backs, i.e., Wynn, Playboy, various Nugget casinos), modern limited playing cards (Kickstarter, LPCC, EPCC, etc.), preferably those that come in an series of minimum two, and vintage standard playing cards created by now closed down factories that was bought up by USPCC (Aristocrat, Blue Ribbon, Arrco cards, etc.).

I prefer to collect sealed decks for my collection. However, I also try to gather a matching deck to open and look at the actual cards in person, so as to not limit myself to seeing the cards in online pictures only. Also, I like to play with and handle the cards, and consider the tactile aspect of playing cards very important.

By reading this forum and becoming a member of 52plusJoker, I have already learned a lot about playing cards. Thank you all for this.

I wish everyone the best, and look forward to interacting in the future,


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