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Post by: 52plusjoker on November 13, 2014, 11:40:53 AM
[Sale] Offered to those wanting vintage or antique cards -
Northwest Orient Airlines - mint in sealed [seal creased] box. Likely 1975-80 period. By USPC. This logo was used 1970 to 1989. $11
Goodall standard deck in good condition - no Joker. c1910. Salon brand with a back for Ontario, Canada - one of series for various provinces. Box tops and bottoms missing. $11 SOLD
Ad deck for EverReady Flashlights, batteries. c1925-1930. Beautiful back advertising their Radio Hour. Standard Ace and Joker. 52+J in excellent box. $30 SOLD

Double set mint, sealed Coca Cola decks - 1991 repro of 1942-43 Coke war decks made in limited quantity for Collectors' Convention. Scarce and highly desirable set in original plastic case. $40
Shipping [USA or Canada] is $6 for one, and half price for additional decks. Overseas shipping to be determined. PM me with your wants!