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Classic Horror Deck on Friday the 13th!

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Classic Horror Deck on Friday the 13th!
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The Classic Horror Playing Card Deck Kickstarter starts on Friday the 13th! The deck features 54 poker-sized cards with custom faces that bring Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, and other horror icons to life with lush illustrations and intricate design.
Classic Horror stories are what started so much of the horror genre as it is today. Each of the suits in the Classic Horror deck represent a different story in classic horror books and movies.
The Spade suit is represented by a Demon, a Succubus, and the Cultist who tries to conjure them. Hearts have Dracula, his beloved Mina, and his hunter, Van Helsing. The diamond suit has the characters Dr Frakenstein, his Monster, and his other creation, the Bride of Frankenstein. The clubs suit is represented by The mummy, the Sarcophagus and the archaeologist who is reminiscent of a love the mummy once had. The Jokers are 2 separate pieces of art representing light and dark.
The creative team at Sigil Entertainment Group includes: Aaron Acevedo, Arnold T. Blumberg, Chris Bivins, James Denton, Jason Engle, Bien Flores, and Cheyenne Wright Our contributors have won a wide range of awards for their previous work, including Hugo, ENnie, and Origins Awards