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Hello everyone.

I have been collecting cards for quite a while, but I was never super into it. Everything I was at the store and I saw a cool deck of cards I would pick it up. Slowly my collection grew, but I very quickly ran out of decks to buy at the store because I had them all. As I got a little older I started looking on various websites to buy more and more. Eventually I came to the stage that I believe a lot of people here have been to, where they want to create their own deck of cards. Thats exactly where I am right now. I had been doing research on the processes, kickstarter funded decks, shipping fulfillment centers, the whole 9 yards. Through my research and chatting with other people who had been successful at my goal, I came across this forum. After a quick look around I realized it would not be a waste of time to create an account and get to know people here.

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Eddie Hughlett

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Welcome Frosty,

There are members here who are happy to help.  Good luck on your venture. Looking forward to seeing your work.


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Don Boyer

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Welcome to the forum, Frosty - you're in good company here.  Feel free to ask around.
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