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Black Rider Back 808s by USPCC

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Black Rider Back 808s by USPCC
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The United States Playing Card Company began as a printing company called Russell, Morgan & Company. Russell and Morgan produced their very first deck of cards in a Cincinnati, Ohio factory back in 1881. The brand was called “Tigers” and the number assigned to these new decks was 101.

A short while later, the numbers 202 and 303 were used when the firm printed decks under the “Army” and “Navy” brands. The “Congress” brand and a few others were produced and given similar numbers in sequential order. Eventually Russell and Morgan introduced the Bicycle® playing card line and assigned it the number 808.

Over 125 years later, Bicycle® Cards became the most popular brand of playing cards in the world, and the number 808 continues to be used on the Ace and Jokers provided with each and every deck.
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Re: Black Rider Back 808s by USPCC
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I like the black rider backs a lot. I enjoy doing magic with standard bicycle cards because if you destroy or give away a card, you can easily go get another deck at your nearest target. I have also found that sometimes if I'm using a fancy deck, people assume its marked or gimmicked in some way. I have found that using standard cards (for the most part) eliminates this and people think I can read minds or whatever. I like the black rider backs a lot because they are similar to the normal household deck of cards so nobody expects gimmicks or anything, but different enough that they are appealing to look at.