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Sharps Playing Cards - Marked

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Re: Sharps Playing Cards - Marked
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Thank you

Re: Sharps Playing Cards - Marked
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Did anyone end up figuring out how the markings of the Sharps deck worked?  I'm faced with the same challenge as others who have posted here: I own the deck, but can't figure out how the markings work, even with the help of this image that apparently shows the shadings used on the cards:

The problem is that this image doesn't identify exactly which cards correspond to those 54 images, nor does it give any information about how to look for the shadings.  Even knowing which cards those 54 images correspond to would be a helpful starting point.  My deck didn't come with any instructions with it, and the publisher no longer provides these since they no longer sell the deck.

Interestingly this deck even won the popular vote for PCF's Best Marked Deck of 2014, so clearly there are people who have figured this out. I'm hoping that with the benefit of time, some of those who posted previously in this thread have figured out how it works and can give some advice, or that someone else can assist. 

Any tips or info provided would be wonderful!

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