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Ender's Review: Magic Printing Deck

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Ender's Review: Magic Printing Deck
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Magic Printing Deck (Magic Makers)

Print an entire deck from blank cards


The Magic Printing Deck is a trick deck and a popular effect that is also known under names like the Mental Photography deck (although there are differences), and it enables you to create the visual illusion of printing an entire deck from blank cards.


A deck is shown, in which the faces of all the cards are blank.  Then, with a secret move or gesture, suddenly the entire deck can be shown to be printed.  Another magical gesture, and the entire deck can be shown to be blank again.  It's a powerful effect that will blow laymen away, because all the cards appear to be printed and unprinted right in front of their eyes!

See a demo of the effect from the publisher, and performed by Simon Lovell, here:


The deck operates on the Svengali principle, and you'll need to arrange cards yourself since the two types of card come separately - but this should take you less than a minute.  Printed instructions are included with the deck, but they are fairly brief.  However, you do get a link to an online video, which runs for around 9 minutes, and explains how to handle the deck and perform the effect. This focuses more on the handling than presentation, but there's plenty of material online that will give you ideas for how to present this effect in an entertaining manner.


Be aware that the Magic Printing Deck is a bridge sized deck, rather than the usual poker size.  The card backs are not Bicycle rider backs, but have a design that looks quite normal and shouldn't arouse any questions.  The cards themselves have a smooth finish and are not embossed, but this isn't a deck you'll be shuffling or doing fancy flourishes with anyway, so it isn't a handicap.

Bonus item

As an extra bonus item, you also get a 52-in-1 card with the Magic Printing Deck.  The final three minutes of the video tutorial explain a routine that uses this card in conjunction with the deck. 

Similar products

The Mental Photography Deck, which is also available from the same publisher, is very similar to the Magic Printing Deck.  See a couple of video demos of the effect from the publisher here and here.   It doesn't come with the bonus 52-in-1 card, but it has the advantage that its cards are Poker sized.  Another strength of the Mental Photography deck is that the card backs are blank as well as the faces.  This requires some slight adjustments to the handling, but can generate a more powerful effect, as you demonstrate how to print a deck on both sides.


The Magic Printing Deck is a real bargain, since you can pick it up online from retailers like Amazon for as little as $5, and that includes access to the online video tutorials.  The Mental Photography Deck will cost you a little more, but it does have some advantages. 

Either way, these are terrific trick decks that can produce reactions of genuine astonishment.  Even though they are one-trick ponies, the fact that they can produce such a very powerful impression when performed well makes them a worthwhile investment; I've certainly had enormous fun with my deck over the years.

Want to learn more? 

Publisher's page:
- Magic Printing Deck
- Mental Photography Deck

- Magic Printing Deck
- Mental Photography Deck
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