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Ender's Review: The Great Domino Illusion

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Ender's Review: The Great Domino Illusion
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The Great Domino Illusion (Magic Makers)

A large-size stage illusion with some unexpected twists


How many dots are on the domino?  It keeps changing - more often than you'd ever expect. 

The Great Domino Illusion involves a large domino board, in which a number is shown on one side. The board is flipped a multitude of times, each turn showing a different number on the other side. One dot ... two dots ... four dots ... five dots... six dots ... and even more!

See an overview of the performance of the effect provided by the publisher here.


Unlike the the more common domino card style illusion that most magicians have come across before, this doesn't just rely on covering certain dots, because you can show more than just four different outcomes. 

What's more, it creates a truly surprising effect when you appear truly clean, and show all the dots on the domino at once!  This makes it a nicer and more convincing trick than the more well-known effect, and adds some real twists.

In addition, the size of this item makes it suitable as a stage illusion for larger audiences. 


Included with the purchase is a large domino board, which is pleasantly over-sized for increased visibility at 9.5 inches tall and 6 inches wide.  It's not made out of cheap or thin cardboard, but extremely sturdy plastic, so that it won't bend or be easily damaged.

In addition you get some special gimmicks that allow the magic to be possible.

Finally, some printed instructions are provided, but you also get a link to an online performance video and helpful teaching video.


The video goes through the teaching very well.  This is a simple trick which is easy to learn and perform, and still convincingly amazing! Itís great for beginner magicians to learn and can be performed with large crowds without too much risk of messing up, which is always great for a trick. The teaching is easy to follow, so it can readily be learnt quickly.


The Great Domino Illusion is a great effect for those who perform in front of a larger crowd.  It's not as cheap as some other products from the same publisher, but that's because it is a large-sized prop, and is a high quality item that should prove very durable. 

When performed well, you can have quite a bit of fun with this trick, especially if your audience thinks that you are just covering domino dots with your hands - this can make the final twists a real surprise. 

Want to learn more?  See:
- Publisher's page:
- Amazon

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