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Ender's Review: Magic Dice

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Ender's Review: Magic Dice
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Magic Dice aka Las Vegas Trick Dice (Magic Makers)

Creating the illusion of two dice tiles switching places


Also called Las Vegas Trick Dice, the Magic Dice is an interesting effect in which two different flat tiles with dots on them (like dice) are shown. One is placed into the pocket, while the other is hidden in the hand. A magic move, and they switch places! After the effect the two dice can be handed out to be totally inspected.

See an overview of the performance of the effect provided by the publisher here.


Purchasing this effect will allow you to receive three dice, two normal while the other is gimmicked.

Basic instructions are included on paper. More importantly, you get a link to a webpage from the publisher which provides further written instructions, and a downloadable video explanation. The video is short, but shows a performance followed by an explanation, which is easy to follow and to learn.


The effect is fairly easy to learn, and no complex moves are required, so it is great for beginners to learn. However, it does require good presentation, to avoid confusing your spectators.  So practice is a must, to ensure that you can perform this effect clearly. But it can be worth the effort.  Like many of the effects from Magic Makers, this is a fairly simple trick which is easy to learn and perform, but is no less effective because of all this.


When performed well, you can have quite a bit of fun with this simple trick, because having two tiles switch places seems completely impossible.  Even though it doesn't require any difficult moves, it does require some practice to perform smoothly, to ensure a clear presentation.   Being able to hand out the dice for examination before and afterwards is a real strength of this effect.  This is a fairly straight-forward trick that is ideal for the new or intermediate magician.

Want to learn more?  See:
- Publisher's page:
- Amazonhere and here

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