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Ender's Review: Magic Knot

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Ender's Review: Magic Knot
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Magic Knot (Magic Makers)

An instantly disappearing knot made famous by the Slydini Silks


This is KNOT your average trick, but a creative and interesting one!   A famous classic of magic is the Slydini Silk routine. With the Magic Knot, you get two silks and learning materials to teach you a basic Slydini-style effect in which two handkerchiefs tied together instantly separate.

See an overview of the performance of the effect provided by the publisher here.


The effect involves a knot being tied between two handkerchiefs, which the spectator themselves can tighten.  Then, magically the knot simply melts through with the two handkerchiefs separating! This effect allows for a multitude of variations of ways to perform, with the melting of the knot being presented in different ways.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that these kinds of routines are only for beginners.  See a video clip of popular entertainer and magician Bill Malone doing a silk routine with disappearing knots here, showing an effect much like this one.


With the purchase of this effect you will receive two high quality silks that are made of a lasting parachute style material that will enable you to use them through a multitude of performances. One of the silks has a orange thread sewn into the edge to allow it easy to know which is which for yourself in tying the knots, which is a great touch.

You also get some written instructions, which can be followed along, but better is the fact that you get a link to an online performance and detailed explanation video which teaches you how to do the effect.


The explanation video of this effect is very good, and the teaching by Ben Salinas is easy to follow along. Written instructions for copying knots are not usually the easiest to follow, so having a video makes it really easy.

Taught in the video is a short routine which involves the knot separating in a few different ways and even splitting into two separate knots. Also, a more advanced knot tying is taught, which adds a slight difference to a performance.


The effect of the Magic Knot is very nice and seems very impressive to watch, as the spectator themselves can ensure the knot is tight before having it melt before their very eyes. The explanation is very good, and it is easy to learn quickly, making it great for beginning magicians who want to try something new.

I can highly recommend this, as it is a great effect which is not easy for the spectator to figure out, and can be presented in a variety of ways open to your imagination! It's also good value, typically being available on Amazon for under $10, making it a great way to get introduced to silk magic.

Want to learn more?  See:
- Publisher's page:
- Amazon

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