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Ender's Review: Magic Trick Box

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Ender's Review: Magic Trick Box
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Magic Trick Box (Magic Makers)

An easy way to make objects vanish and reappear


This is a very simple and magical little prop. It consists of a drawer which the magician opens, showing that it is clearly empty. The magician closes the draw, and with a magical motion or words, an object appears inside the box when it is opened again. The object can be taken out, examined, and placed back into the drawer, which then disappears in the same manner.


- Box: The main thing you get is the magic box itself, which is made of very solid and durable plastic.
- Printed instructions: In addition you also get a cardboard paper with simple instructions.
- Online instructions: You also get an online link to a video which explains how to use the box.

Included in the online instructional video is a special trick which involves using it to make a prediction for a chosen card, which creates a nice effect as the prediction magically appears in the box after the card is selected. Also included is an explanation of how to use the classic ball and vase together with the box to make the ball transport into the box.


The basic trick is very simple to learn and perform, and even young children can do it, making it great for all ages and a great gift for young magicians too! The explanations are well done, making it super easy to learn the trick, and they also give a few other options of things to do with the box.


This is a very nice effect which would be great for absolute beginner magicians or even more experienced magicians that work with children. It can be truly baffling and confusing, Iíve shown it to someone who knows quite a bit of magic and had never come across the box, and was baffled for a while!  Grandparents could use it to make candies appear for children. It's also relatively inexpensive, and you'll find it on Amazon for less than $5.

Want to learn more?  See:
- Publisher's page:
- Amazon

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