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Magic Review: iCaan by James Went and Big Blind Media

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Magic Review: iCaan by James Went and Big Blind Media
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 Title: iCaan
Creator: James Went
Publisher: Big Blind Media
MSRP: $ 22
Skill Level: Beginner
Vido run time: 20 minutes

Type of effect:  Any Card to any number

Manufacturer's Write Up:
A deck of cards is genuinely shuffled by both the performer and a spectator, who then each select a card. These cards are lost back into the deck which is, again, shuffled.

The magician announces that despite all the shuffling he is convinced that the spectator's card is 'fourteenth' down from the top. With a flourish he reveals the fourteenth card - it IS the spectator's selection.

So far so good. But here is where iCaan moves into miracle territory. The magician names their selection (let's say 'Three Of Clubs') and asks the spectator to guess at which numbered position this card lies in the deck.

Whatever their answer, the spectator is told to take the deck and deal down to that number. The magician DOES NOT touch the deck. Impossibly the magician's 'Four Of Clubs' is found at the exact number named by the spectator!
James Went's spectacular routine has been an underground smash - utterly devastating magicians at conventions around the world. If well-read, professional magicians can be fried with iCaan, just imagine what it looks like to a 'muggle'!

How accurate is the ad copy? No deception
What's in the box?  Gimmicked deck of cards and the download code

Key points:
The spectator can name ANY number and iCaan will work
No memory work required
Includes three versions: James ultra clean original routine, An easier (almost self-working) handling, and Liam Montier's special super-easy alternative
How are the production values: Much like most BBM videos, same studio location (James is even wearing the same clothes he’s worn in Meditations and uses the same spectator) Shot well, mic’d well, good transitions.
Is it well made: The gimmick is very well made and there is a good chance you already own it.

Is it well taught: The plot is pretty simple, and requires virtually no sleights So between James and Liam Montier they offer you 3 solutions and everything is covered.
Storage? Does it "pack flat?"  Only a deck of cards is used.
Does it "play big?" the any card to any number plot is always a crowd pleaser.
Difficulty / Skill level required:  James has a few “fancy parts” in his presentation that are more for the skilled cardiciain, but Liam comes in at the end and offers a more simplified solution.
How much arts and crafts are involved? zero
How practical is this in the real world? (can it really be done?) yes
Overall score: let's toss out the traditional score of 1-10 and make this something that we all can appreciate and understand.
__X___ Very Satisfied
_____ Somewhat Satisfied
_____ Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied
_____ Somewhat Dissatisfied
_____ Very Dissatisfied
_____ No Opinion
My thoughts It’s such a fun trick and so easy to do, once you learn it - you'll be wishing YOU thought of it first! ;)

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