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Magic Book: Temporarily Out of Order by Patrick Redford

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Magic Book: Temporarily Out of Order by Patrick Redford
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Title: Temporarily Out of Order
Creator: Patrick Redford
MSRP: $ 60
Skill Level: Intermediate
Page Numbers: 260

What is it: a book that introduces a new card stack “the redford stack.”

Temporarily Out of Order is focused on memorized deck magic and stack work. It reintroduces The Redford Stack to the world and explores its many possible transformative features. The Redford Stack may be easily arranged from either a shuffled deck or a freshly opened pack of cards. It also transforms into a Parallel Stack, Stay Stack/Mirror stack, Si-Stebbins Stack, an alternating red-black stack, and more. Amazingly, the exact same sequence that sets into Si Stebbins returns the deck to the Redford Stack! The stack appears random and yet is packed full of features.

What’s inside?

There are poker deals, blackjack deals, spelling effects, coincidence effects, faro effects, and much more. You'll learn a few of Patrick's favorite false shuffles, false cuts, and two sneaky deck switches! You'll also learn a handful of tricks that can be done while secretly setting up a borrowed deck into a stack! Many of the effects presented won't require the user to memorize the Redford order. This will allow it to be put to use immediately. In addition, there are many effects presented that aren't dependent on a specific memorized stack order, and may be performed with any memorized arrangement!

What are people saying about it?

"Patrick has pushed stack work to a different level. I love what he's done with the pseudo-memorized and the memorized deck." - Bob Cassidy

"Patrick fooled the crap out of me."  - Tom Gagnon

"I love the idea of a stack that you go in and out of. Bloody Genius! Only Patrick could create such a thing in such a practical way!"  - Ken Dyne

"Patrick has devised another beautifully constructed and truly deceptive set of routines surrounded by a wealth of knowledge. The title effect, 'Temporarily Out of Order,' is a reputation-making marathon of impossible moments. His work on the methods within this book are worth studying."  - Ben Seidman

"Loved it. The title effect, Temporarily Out of Order, is one of the best card tricks I have ever seen."  - Jon Armstrong

"Temporarily Out of Order is filled with gold."  - Mike Powers

What are some features?

You can get into the Redford stack from new deck order

Or move from other favorite stacks into this one

You can also move Redford BACK into new deck order

There is even a 2 phase black jack demo built into this

If you can do a perfect faro you’ll end up with pairs, flushes and four of a kinds – for fun poker demonstrations.

…and you can move the entire stack into red black red black by adjusting 3 cards
The first 26 cards are mated with the last 26

What’s inside the book?

I think there’s at least 30 tricks and routines, not to mention all the sections in this book about the various features and bells and whistles.  The title trick is a reputation maker and worth the price of the book alone.

Is it well made?

Hardbound, black and white, photographs and beautiful layout and design

Writing style

… is familiar – Patrick writes as though he is in the room with you talking to you, more like a friend and less like a teacher or how a manual or set of instructions would read.

What did I think?

Patrick Redford may just as well have the last word in memorized deck work. The rich content of this book and the brilliance of these tricks is worth any price. Well done!

Watch a trick from the book right now:

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