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Title: I'm new here... and I have a question
Post by: TrekkieJoel on September 24, 2017, 11:35:43 PM
I'm TrekkieJoel, I'm from the Birmingham, Alabama area. I've always loved playing cards but have only been collecting them seriously for a few months. I am interested in magic and am very much a beginner (but I put in a lot of practice and always have either a deck of cards or a coin in my hand). I'm very interested in cardistry, I don't think I will ever be any kind of master flourisher, but I do enjoy learning and practicing the moves. I feel like acquiring the skill to perform cardistry moves also improves my overall card handling ability (to help me progress in magic).

I like tracking my own and admiring the many other's playing card collections on portfolio52 and have even come across some decks that I've added to the site. The question I have is sort of related to that. I got a couple of new decks of the Bicycle Fashion cards today and I can't find anywhere online to identify the name of this color / design. Which, if you are familiar with the Bicycle Fashion decks, you will know that many of them have names that you would never guess and are not indicated anywhere on the packaging.

My real question, however, is where to post these kinds of questions? I don't want my first post to make a bunch of people yell at me for posting something in the wrong place or not knowing how to search the forums before I post. So I thought I should be safe requesting that info here in the zone where people are expecting clueless newbies.

So, if you guys could just sort of let me know the protocol for asking for help identifying a deck of cards on the forum, I would really appreciate it.

If anybody reading this happens to know all about the Bicycle Fashion decks, the one I'm trying to identify is sort of turquoise on turquoise. The only white on the backs is the border, the lines of the back design are a slightly darker turquoise / teal / blue-green than the turquoise / teal /blue-green of the background. The code on the Ace of Spades is 1917-X6800. I also bought a deck of these ( at the same time and the name I've found by googling appears to be: Bicycle US Playing Card Co.2017 Gold, Walmart Exclusive, Celebration Series

I can post photos if it will help, but I thought it would be best to wait until I knew where and how to request this help on the forum.

Anyway, nice to meet you guys that share these common interests. I look forward to my forum membership.

Title: Re: I'm new here... and I have a question
Post by: Don Boyer on September 25, 2017, 06:56:23 AM
Welcome to the forum!

First, do a quick browse of recent posts.  If you don't find what you're looking for, try going to the forum's home page and doing a keyword search - "Bicycle" alone will trigger countless hits, but "Bicycle Fashion turquoise" will trigger considerably fewer.

If nothing turns up, then by all means, feel free to post about your deck and ask away.

Never let being the newbie get in the way of a good question.  We were all newbies once, so we know how you feel.  We're generally a friendly bunch and won't bust your chops too hard for asking newbie questions - it's how you learn.  Then the next person wanting to know about your deck will have the question answered, thanks to you!

I'm a little pressed for time and I can't answer much about your deck, but I'll say this quickly.  It's definitely produced by USPC as one of their own as opposed to a print run for another party - otherwise, the Ace of Spades wouldn't have a production code.  Secondly, the numbers preceding the letter in the code?  Ever since the move to the new factory in 2009, the first two digits of that code are the the week the deck was printed and the second two digits are the last two digits of the year, so that deck was printed in the 19th week of 2017 - the first full week of May, in fact.

Good luck finding more information on your deck!  I highly recommend posting a photo - just make sure it doesn't exceed the file size limit of one megabyte.
Title: Re: I'm new here... and I have a question
Post by: Chobee on September 30, 2017, 01:18:27 PM
Hi Trekkie!
I had the exact same question, regarding the best place to ask- so thank you for asking it! I am also new to the forum, only a few months into collecting, fascinated with cardistry and really bad at it ;). I open all my decks, because I love the art!

Your cards sound like the indigo and coral series from 2015- but with different colors.  Post a picture!  I ran across a purple 'test deck' online that sounds like your deck - but purple and pink... Maybe yours is a green or teal test deck...

Title: Re: I'm new here... and I have a question
Post by: TrekkieJoel on September 30, 2017, 09:04:23 PM
I added both decks to Portfolio52. Here are the links:

Teal / Turquoise:

Black and Gold:

I'm still not sure what they are called, but if I find out I can update the names there.