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Sumi Playing Cards by Card Experiment. Designed in Japan. Live on KS

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Card Experiment

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Hi guys,

Our latest playing card project, Sumi Playing Cards is now Live on Kickstarter.

A homage to Irezumi, the traditional Japanese tattoo art form, the Sumi Playing Cards faithfully emulates the iconic elements of ukiyo-e, fantastical mythological creatures, and Heroes of the Marsh to forge a visual playing card masterpiece like no other. A masterpiece bursting with symbolic significance at every twirl of the cards.

We have passed the HK$135,000 mark. With the unlocking of the third stretch goal, the Sumi Artist and Grandmaster deck will now include a foiled sticker seal. We will be announcing our 4th stretch goal tomorrow. Stayed tuned for the next Sumi Playing Cards update on Kickstarter.

Link to the Sumi Playing Cards: