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Playing Card Plethora / Pip Box Club Announced
« Last post by willroya on Yesterday at 04:59:46 PM »
Please join the Facebook group if you are interested:

Pip Box Club is a monthly subscription service to provide you with surprise awesome decks, samples, discounts & more!
Magical Cardistry Bonanza / Ender's Review: All Signs Point to Yes (Caleb Wiles)
« Last post by EndersGame on February 21, 2018, 09:09:28 PM »
​All Signs Point to Yes (Caleb Wiles)

A fun visual effect with a Magic 8-Ball plot


A skilled and creative card magician with a background in math, Caleb Wiles has a rare ability to produce effects that are truly clever.  You may have seen him when he appeared on Penn and Teller's Fool Us (Season 3 Episode 9) in 2016 (link). But he's known in the world of magic more as a creator rather than a performer, and with ​All Signs Point to Yes we have opportunity to learn one of his ingenious routines.

Caleb first appeared on the radar almost ten years ago, when he published a 70 page book called High Spots.  This book included around a dozen great effects, two favourites for many being his magician fooler 26!, and his remarkable version on the Paul Harris classic Reset entitled Reswindled, about which even Paul Harris says: Caleb Wiles' Reswindled is my new favorite version of Re-Set

Since then Caleb has produced three instructional videos available as digital downloads, including the two above-mentioned effects, but now also an effect that isn't in his book, namely ​All Signs Point to Yes.  This trick was published in MAGIC Magazine, and also in Caleb's 2010 book, Six Pack.


​​You begin by introducing the concept of a magic 8 ball, which you shake to reveal answers. The spectator selects and signs a card which is returned to the pack. Then the 8 of Spades is introduced as the best a card for a magic 8 ball, which is drawn on its back. Now you ask it a series of questions; and with a shake it reveals first the colour (red or black), and then the suit. Finally the spectator himself shakes the 8 ball, and then turns it over to discover that it is in fact his signed card!

View Caleb demonstrate the effect in a video clip on youtube or vimeo:


What you get for around $10 is an instant digital download of the video which teaches the effect.  I got the video from Vanishing Inc Magic, where it is available here as an exclusive. 

The entire file is only around 25 MB in size, and runs for around 8 minutes, of which the first couple of minutes has the performance. Caleb does a good job of performing the routine to his spectator Blake, who appears genuinely and increasingly amazed as the routine progresses. There are close-ups for some of the moves required, so no complaints whatsoever as far as the video is concerned.


Caleb does a fine job in explaining everything needed to perform the trick, including the set-up, sleights, and patter. It's not a complicated trick as such, and while some sleights are required, these are all briefly taught and explained.


​Competence with several sleights is required, including a f****, DLs, and a twirl change. I especially love the fact that the shaking of the 8-ball provides a great justification for the moves required for the change, and helps hide it. The multiple lifts need to be performed completely cleanly, but that is of course well within the competence of intermediate magicians. If you don't know the twirl change, Caleb does briefly teach it, and it is an essential and important part of the routine, so if you can master that, you should be able to do this trick fairly easily; there's not a lot to remember once you're set-up.


Caleb has come up with a very fun presentation, and the whole 8-ball concept feels fresh and amusing. It does require of course a signed card, which the spectator can keep as a memory of the trick.

The routine also has a natural development, with the 8 ball first revealing the colour, then the suit, and then the final climactic twist: the chosen card, which has magically transposed onto the reverse of the 8 ball. Caleb also explains a simple way to reset the trick so you can immediately perform it to another spectator or table.


Here are some positive comments that other magicians have to say about Caleb's routines, and this one in particular:

"All Signs Point to Yes is another worker. Instant reset! Best DVD I have purchased in a long while." - Nicholas Byers
"I really enjoy Caleb's work! Not to hard to do but yet really impressive!" - Josh Kirby
"Really great set of routines from Caleb on here, totally worth picking up if you are looking for some great new tricks with a regular deck." - Liam Montier
"Caleb Wiles is the real deal. His methods are devious, his presentations are clever and fun, and he's got loads of natural ability." - David Williamson
"Caleb is a new star on the magic horizon!" ó Paul Lelekis
"The magic of Caleb Wiles is both strong and refreshingly novel." ó Mike Powers
"Caleb's card magic is a mixture of the creativity of David Regal, the savvy of John Bannon, and the outrť of Max Maven." - Richard Hart


All Signs Point to Yes is also available on Caleb's DVD entitled Rematch, which also includes two of his other routines: 26! and Reswindled.  This DVD runs for 1 hour and 17 minutes, and also features Caleb teaching Jack Carpenter's "South Street Swindle", and a final touch from Joshua Jay.


All Signs Point to Yes is an ideal "worker"; and it's a fun and amusing routine that spectators will find engaging and surprising. Given that it's relatively easy to learn, and if you already know the sleights required it won't require much investment of time to perform, it's well worth a look.

Want to learn more? See the digital downloads at Vanishing Inc Magic:
$10 All Signs Point to Yes (by Caleb Wiles)
$10 26! (by Caleb Wiles)
$10 Reswindled (by Caleb Wiles)
$25 Rematch DVD (by Caleb Wiles)
A Cellar of Fine Vintages / Re: Ask the Experts at 52 Plus Joker
« Last post by Chuqii on February 21, 2018, 06:19:32 PM »
If they were wide cards, then they'd be worth $15-20 opened, more if sealed.  Narrow cards don't have much of a market.  Only one I could find that sold on eBay sold for $9.99, open.

Here's a link to completed Blue Ribbon listings on eBay.

Depending on the back designs you have, I might be interested in some.  Feel free to PM me with more info.
A Cellar of Fine Vintages / Re: Ask the Experts at 52 Plus Joker
« Last post by struthjnovo on February 21, 2018, 10:01:28 AM »
Does anyone know if these cards are valuable at all? I have a few of them, and some are still sealed.
Design & Development / Re: RunAround Playing Cards
« Last post by Don Boyer on February 21, 2018, 06:09:29 AM »
I don't see much that's terribly wrong with the design, aside from the hollowed-put index pips.  The indices should be the most easily-read part of any playing card because they're the most commonly used identifier when playing cards.  Making them as outlines makes them stand out a lot less.

Beyond that, it's a rather minimal design without actually being minimalist.  It contains most of the traditional design elements in the standard manner, with the exceptions of a few pips on selected spot cards and the court cards - typically the most interesting part of a deck aside from the Ace of Spades and the jokers.  I can see where the simple, geometric back design would appeal to a cardist, but I tend to think that most people would consider them a little bland.

Mind you, that's just my opinion, and I do wish you good luck with your deck.  Again, there's no real elements that would be considered design flaws other than the part about the index pips, and even that is a matter of opinion to many.  I'm probably a little biased against the design because there was an onslaught of minimalist designs a few years ago, some better than others, that were sprouting all over Kickstarter like weeds.  To me, the theme's a little played out.  But you never know - perhaps enough time has passed that the market feels ready for another deck in the same vein, one that's a little less than fully minimalist in its design.

I'd rather see a designer go out there and try something new, different and interesting than see the same old deck over and over again - even if it's a design that's not necessarily my cup of tea.  It's a sign of a vibrant marketplace for the art of playing card design and at any given time there's plenty of decks out there that appeal to me, more than I can typically afford, so as long as I actually have to be choosy about what I purchase because the selection's that good, I have no worries!  Just because it doesn't appeal to me, doesn't mean there isn't a niche for it out there among the card-buying public - you just have to find that niche.
Magical Cardistry Bonanza / Video Review: Favorites by Roberto Giobbi
« Last post by Magic_Orthodoxy on February 20, 2018, 08:09:32 AM »
Video link:

Title: Favorites
Creator: Roberto Giobbi
Publisher: Vanishing Inc
MSRP: $ 30
Skill Level: intermediate
DVD Run time: 3 hours and 25 minutes

What happens when the foremost scholar on card magic is asked about his favorite magicians? You get Favorites, a collection of magic that assembles separate, serious studies on three of the greatest card magicians of all time:

Alex Elmsley

Frank Garcia

Dai Vernon

In each case, Mr. Giobbi provides background information on the person, and frames the influence of the tricks in a modern perspective. Then you'll see a performance of three pieces by Elmsley, Garcia, and Vernon, followed by step-by-step instruction on each piece.

Giobbi has selected three of his favorite tricks from each of his "favorites." Some are well-known, while others will likely be new to you.

You will learn:

From Vernon - Emotional Reaction, Four of a Kind, and Slow Motion Aces
From Elmsley - All Backs, Double Swap, and 1002nd Aces
From Garcia - A Lady Up My Sleeve, Ace Faroleros, and A Surprise Package

This DVD is unlike any other Vanishing Inc has released before. This is your opportunity to spend three hours in the company of Roberto Giobbi and learn some of the finest card magic conceivable.

It will surely be one of your Favorites!

Video link:
Design & Development / RunAround Playing Cards
« Last post by VandeR on February 20, 2018, 07:06:22 AM »
Hi Everyone,
Check This Out, it's my new project !

what do you think ?
A Cellar of Fine Vintages / Re: May I Know What is The Back Name Of this Aladdin
« Last post by Chuqii on February 19, 2018, 12:52:47 PM »
I think I cracked it, but the answer is underwhelming.  Unknown back is "Feather".  See price list from 1920 with mention of Feather back
Magical Cardistry Bonanza / Video review: The Imagination Box by Oliver Pont
« Last post by Magic_Orthodoxy on February 19, 2018, 12:23:27 PM »
Title: The Imagination Box
Creator: Olivier Pont
MSRP: $ 30
Skill Level: all
Video Run time: 34 min (also available in French)

​What could be better than being able to make things appear and disappear at any given time? Transform an object into another, change the value of a bill, restore a torn card or picture... or even better: TURN A SIMPLE DRAWING INTO REALITY!  With this gimmick, everything is possible, and YOUR IMAGINATION is the limit!  Don't look further because it's right here, in front of your eyes!

Whether you are standing or sitting, outside in the street, at a cocktail party, regardless of your particular magic style, everything will be possible for you.  Discover an endless flow of creative possibilities! Are your old tricks stale and boring? Freshen them up with the Imagination Box.  Find a card in a way that will blow your spectator's mind and make incredible appearances!

Repeat your tricks as much as you'd like with the help of the provided erasable sticker.  If you do card tricks, you will always want to carry your Imagination Box, so you can be ready to impress your audience at any time!

Incredibly visual and breathtaking! The Imagination Box will do everything for you and will spice up your magic tricks! Keep your Imagination Box with you everywhere.  No need to take your cards out of the box. They will remain inside it during your performance, so you can be ready to remove them and start a new card trick at any time!

This tool will really change the way you perform your tricks and will give you new ideas every day! Do not delay, watch the trailer! Your Imagination Box is waiting for you! If you dream of having a unique style, start thinking outside the box. With the Imagination Box, you will be on the right track!
No special skill required
Erasable sticker provided (whiteboard marker not provided)
Endless possibilities (switches, appearances, T&R card/picture, Drawing to Reality, etc....)
Extremely visual

Video review link:
Deck Reviews! / Video Review - The Moirai Playing Cards
« Last post by The Gentleman Wake on February 19, 2018, 10:05:49 AM »
External Link:

I'm surprised I don't see or hear much about this deck or its creators. I'm also relatively new to collecting playing cards... so maybe I'm missing something. Regardless one of the coolest decks I own. Let me know your thoughts on it in the comments below.

External Link:

A quick version of my background story...
A quick caveat... you're gonna see attempt some cardistry and in some rare cases some magic tricks, let me apologize in advance for the shoddiness of my mechanics. Truth is a few caveats, Iím not a cardist or a magician, but my love affair with playing cards goes back far. Watching my grandfather and father playing cards with friends and family still count as some of my earliest memories. . I apologize in advance for my crappy mechanics. Some decades later, I found myself frequent a lot of poker tables and fancied myself a bit of an amutuer rounder--I lived off of what I made playing cards for about year. Then I lost my ass in Atlantic City and that was the end of that. But I never lost the affinity for the feel of card deck in my hands. Iíve also been a collector of many different sorts. Comic books when I was younger, scale action figures later. They put me on TV once for my ⅙ scale diorama collection. To me Comics, Figures, and Cards are art. Thatís what draws me to them, and the stories they might tell makes them worth reviewing.I am an avid collector of classical and pop art though, and playing cards slot pretty nicely in there..

I plan on doing a lot more of these for many different kinds and styles of decks.

Hope you enjoy it!
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