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Feedback + Support / Re: There is no board for card games!
« Last post by EndersGame on Today at 03:43:27 AM »
For being the largest playing card forum on the internet, there is no board for card games!  ???

If you google "card games forum", you'll only find dedicated deck or collectible card games!   :o

The closest thing to a games forum is this:!forum/ which sees very few serious posts but has some IPCS members posting like Depaulis, Parlett, and McCleod. The only other option is wading through the many loosely connected sections of

Actually I think there's quite a few places on that would offer what you're describing.  It is after all the world's biggest website for card games and board games, with over 4 million unique users monthly.  I've been active there since 2005, and regularly post reviews of board games and card games there.  Here are a few options to consider:

1. Family page for "Traditional Card Games".  This is the link you mentioned already.  This has links to individual card games that each have their own forums.    If you scroll down, this page also has its own forum, although there are hardly any discussion threads there.  This page is mostly useful to help find database pages for individual card games.

2. Database page for "Traditional Card Games".  This has a more active forum about games played with a traditional deck of cards.

3. Playing Card Games Enthusiasts Guild.  The forum here also has discussion about invented and existing card games, all played with a traditional deck of cards.

4. GeekLists.  People often post helpful GeekLists about different card games, and other users then comment on the individual entries on the list. As an example, here's a list that I created about my favourite games, entitled "Favorite Games with Standard Playing Cards"; there are many others like this:

So I think is the website which has what you're looking for, it's just a bit of an intimidating labyrinth for newcomers, so hopefully those links will be helpful pointers in the right direction.
Design & Development / Re: Very Minimalist Deck
« Last post by EndersGame on Today at 03:28:00 AM »
The term "minimalist" is ridiculously overused and for decks that don't really qualify for the term.  Factor in that minimalist decks have been done so many times over that the category is pretty tired by now and you'll have a tough sell.

I do like the look of these cards. 

But for true minimalism, take a look at Joe Doucet's Minimal deck, also referred to as the Iota deck, which comes in both a white version and a black version.

It would be difficult to actually play a game with these cards, but it's considered a great graphical study on why decks of playing cards do need faces and variety to be functional.

Design & Development / Re: Do custom cards need custom faces?
« Last post by EndersGame on Today at 03:11:19 AM »
Hi there, I was just wondering as I would like to design a playing card which just has generic faces as they would suit the back design better. Would enough people still back my kickstarter and would having no custom faces actually drive people away and hinder the amount that get sold?

This also depends on your target audience.  Magicians tend to like decks that have less customization, to ensure that they are still very functional and that the artwork doesn't distract too much.  So some decks produced for magicians (e.g. some of the Ellusionist brand decks) even use standard court cards, and the customization is all about a luxurious tuck box, back design, Ace of Spades, Jokers, with everything else standard.

But if you're making cards for a wider audience that includes collectors and gamers, then using standard faces will be of less interest; your design is more likely to attract more attention with a greater degree of customization, to make it unique and help it stand out more.

MARKETING, MARKETING, MARKETING - it can't be emphasized enough.

THIS.  You can have the best deck in the world, but if people don't get to find out about your campaign, it's not likely to do that great.

A lot of work needs to go into marketing a Kickstarter campaign for a deck of playing cards, by carefully placed previews and reviews, advertising, and clever use of social media. 

Once in a while someone might succeed without this, as something goes viral by word of mouth or social media without involvement from the designer/publisher.  But in most cases, it's a lot of sheer hard work and clever marketing moves by the person running a Kickstarter project, to get the word out, and help their project stand out from a crowded field.
The Conversation Parlor / Re: Highest quality Bicycle deck
« Last post by EndersGame on Today at 01:33:20 AM »
What is the highest quality deck of Bicycle playing cards that you guys have USED.
Is there even such a thing as a highest quality deck from US Playing Cards?

As I understand it, USPCC offers three choices of paper stock: Bicycle Standard, Bee Casino, or Thin Crush (new and more rarely used). The Bee Casino grade stock is considered to be slightly thicker, stiffer, and more durable than the Bicycle stock, and can require some breaking in.

Further, USPCC only offers two different coatings, "Magic Finish" (called "Performance Coating" by Ellusionist), and "Standard Finish". The "Magic Finish" is apparently slightly more slippery and makes cards slide more easily, and is preferred by magicians and cardists, while the "Standard Finish" coating is only used on huge orders of 15,000+.  So nearly any custom deck produced by USPCC will have the Magic Finish.

If I have the above right, this means that virtually all custom decks produced by USPCC have the "Magic Finish", and the only real difference between them is whether they are produced on either the Bicycle Standard stock, or the Bee Casino stock.  There is the option of having them cut with a traditional cut rather than a modern cut, as Don says.  But just ignoring that for a moment, won't virtually all decks produced by USPCC look, feel and handle quite similarly, and fall into two camps, depending on whether they use the Standard stock or the Bee Casino stock?

Some related questions:

1. Are the normal "Bee" branded decks published on Bee Casino stock, or are they published with Bicycle Standard stock? i.e. are the mass produced Bee branded decks stiffer/thicker than Bicycle branded decks, or are they printed on exactly the same cardstock, and handle the same as a standard mass produced Bicycle riderback deck?

2. What "finish/coating" does USPCC put on their mass produced Bicycle branded rider-back decks?  The Standard one, or the Magic finish?  My understanding is that the finish on differently branded decks is sometimes called by different names - e.g."Air-Cushion finish" (Bicycle decks), "Linoid finish" (Tally Ho decks), or "Cambric finish" (Bee decks) - but in reality are all identical, and are actually the "Standard" finish.  Is that correct?
Playing Card Plethora / Re: The Iron Horse by Jody Eklund
« Last post by EndersGame on Today at 01:16:42 AM »
Looks great Jody!

I love the deck box - will it be black with gold foil, like the Black Ink Limited Edition of your Golden Spike deck pictured below? 

Those are some very sweet looking tuck boxes, especially the pair alongside each other like that!

I noticed that in some of your decks you included the character names on the court cards, which I thought was a nice touch - any reason for not doing that here?
Hello everyone.
Our newest project, Hanami Hanafuda & Fusion (Poker) Playing Cards, will be launching soon on Kickstarter.

Hanami (“flower viewing”) was inspired by the floral motifs and symbolism-rich imagery of traditional Japanese hanafuda. Every card in the Hanami deck is unique. Hanami was designed as 13 tetraptychs, creating a unique floral scene for each month.

Hanami will be printed by Legends Playing Card Company (LPCC) on Emerald Finish card stock and will feature gold gilded edges, a numbered seal, and a foil-stamped tuck.

What is Hanafuda?
Hanafuda (known in Korea as 'Hwatu') are floral-themed playing cards that are rich in symbolism and popular in Japan, Korea, and Hawaii. Hanafuda cards have 12 suits. Each suit is represented by a month (e.g. June) of the year and each month is represented by a flower (e.g. Peony).

What is the Fusion deck?
Since traditional hanafuda cards lack pips and indices, we designed our own hanafuda indices to indicate the flower, month, and type of each card. We combined these indices with traditional hanafuda imagery and standard poker indices to create a multipurpose deck that could be used to play both Eastern and Western games.

Hanafuda Rulebook
Given the popularity, long history, and wide geographical range of hanafuda cards, there have been many games invented over the years. Unfortunately, rules for hanafuda games can be difficult to find and interpret, so we decided to create a rulebook that would gather these rules into a single clearly written source. Our 250 page rulebook contains 31-games with numerous illustrations, intuitive scoring examples, and quick reference charts and will be available as part of our Kickstarter project.

Hanami was inspired by our love for hanafuda. We hope to bring that joy to others with our Kickstarter project.

Kickstarter Link:

Thank you for taking the time to read our post and checking out our project!

Jason & Antonietta
Playing Card Plethora / Re: The 2017 Release List
« Last post by PrincessTrouble on Yesterday at 02:18:29 PM »
Suck My Deck by Luxury Playing Cards
Released in April 2017
Printed by ?

This deck was released in 2016...I have had it since April last year... ;)

Thanks for the info.  :)
Playing Card Plethora / Re: Golden Oath by Lotrek
« Last post by PrincessTrouble on Yesterday at 02:16:59 PM »
Got my Golden Oath deck.

Playing Card Plethora / The Iron Horse by Jody Eklund
« Last post by Jody Eklund on Yesterday at 01:35:08 PM »
The Iron Horse premium quality playing cards has some of the most intricate details I've ever designed. This is a fully custom Illustrated deck of playing cards that has been painstakingly scrutinized on every level.

One of the most notable feature of this project is that this deck is inspired by a short story written by my good friend Ricky Cassford. His ability to creatively tell an epic story is truly awe-inspiring.

I am launching The Iron Horse on Saturday, May 6, 2017 @ 10am MST. As always, I would love to get your thoughts. I am attaching some pics of the project. Let me know your thoughts.
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