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February 27, 2014, 11:53:02 AM
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February 20, 2018, 04:43:37 PM
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Arcana, Hellsgate, Curator, Clipped Wings, Ultimate Deck, Black Reserve Note, Origins, Dark Suits by Mr Mead

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My collection is semi-functional art, I usually just buy a single deck and (almost) ALWAYS open them. I'll look at them, check out the finish, etc and then put back in the tuck and put in a shelved display case to be removed and enjoyed on occasion, but mostly the tuck is on display. I would like to eventually get a few display boards, possibly like the acrylic sandwich style, so select decks can have cards removed for prominent rotating displays of the cards themselves over time. If I REALLY like the deck I may buy an extra copy for occasional card game play or buy an uncut sheet. I experiment with flourishing, but usually use decks that I've grown tired of or just use cheaper plain decks so my collection is not roughly handled.

I started card collecting in early 2014 and tend to prefer art quality cards that have historical or macabre/creepy (non-gory) design, but oddly also appreciate select odd whimsical designs as well. In particular, I prefer transformation decks or those that are fully custom decks with both custom courts and number cards.

Why collect cards? I have a family history of playing card games and souvenir decks so the roots run deep there. However, it's the creative artist/designer and engineer in me that loves the concept of an open-ended platform for countless possibilities to play any number of games or create your own. All in something that can fit in your pocket and be used anywhere without needing the internet or electricity. The added bonus of having up 52 (or more) unique pieces of art in a beautiful box for just pennies each that also have functionality is amazing. The amazing variety and niche themes available, especially in the past few years, is simply stunning and almost overwhelming, especially through KickStarter. It's really these last points that made me go from a guy that likes to buy unique decks to play with to a full collector with them on display and especially in select instances going all out with uncut sheets.

My Interests

HUGE music fan, sports car lover and tech/gadget geek as well.  Board games are super fun too, as is mountain biking.

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